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Non-EU students


Upon admission, students need to enroll in their chosen program within the deadlines. To do so, you can refer to the specific instructions provided on the dedicated page:

Visiting students, Double Degree students, PhDs and all other types of international students may refer to the instructions given for their specific program.

Visa and Residence Permit

All non-EU students who have been admitted to any program at LUISS University (whether it is a degree program, a mobility program or a PhD program) will receive an official invitation letter from the University (after sending their personal information needed to issue the letter to the Welcome Desk) which is to be used when applying for an Italian study visa.

Students who need a study Visa for Italy can visit the dedicated page on the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation's website, in order to check the documentation they need and the specific Consulate/Embassy/Visa center they have to refer to.

Once in Italy, non-EU students need to apply for a residence permit no later than 8 working days after the date of their arrival (as shown on their visa, inside their passport).

How to obtain a residence permit for study reasons:


Yellow kits are available in all main post offices. However, in your case, you will be given the yellow kit by the LUISS International Development Office. Fill in the forms carefully, following all the instructions. Once you have compiled the form, go to the post office located in Piazza Bologna 39 – 00162, Rome (or alternatively you can go to one of the postal offices authorized to collect applications for residence permits along with the following documents:

  • your passport;
  • a copy of all pages of your passport, blank pages included
  • a copy of the letter of acceptance to your degree program (might be required)
  • a copy of your health insurance policy, valid on Italian territory and for the entire duration of the residence permit you have applied for (might be required).

At the post office you will be given a receipt for your application with a user ID and password with which you can check the status of your application by visiting the Area Riservata.

This receipt includes information on the date when you will have to go to the Police Headquarters (Questura) to submit the second part of your application (please consider that the appointment is written in Italian, thus you should pay attention to it, otherwise you will need to contact the Immigration Office to fix a new appointment. Fax: +39 06 46865139, Telephone: +39 06 46863912). It is very important that you keep this receipt with you at all the time, since it will allow you to legally stay in Italy until you obtain the official residence permit.

At this point, the Immigration Office will contact the student by priority mail to set up an appointment to submit the below documentation and in order to have your fingerprint taken. The Immigration Office’s address at Police Headquarters (Questura) is: Via San Vitale 15 – 00184, Rome.
To proceed you will need:

  • the priority mail the Immigration Office sent you/ the receipt given at the post office
  • your passport
  • a photocopy of all pages of your passport, blank pages included
  • 4 recent passport-size photographs
  • a copy of the letter of acceptance to your degree program
  • a copy of the health insurance policy, valid on Italian territory and for the entire duration of the residence permit you have applied for.

A second appointment will be set up to collect the electronic residence permit. You can check the status of your electronic residence.
Please note that obtaining the permit generally takes from two to three months and you need to return to the Police Office (Questura) in Via San Vitale 15 to collect it when it is ready. The cost of obtaining a residence permit is approximately €160.

More information

Health coverage

For non-EU students a health insurance policy is necessary to obtain a visa and, at a later stage, to apply for a residence permit. The health insurance policy has to cover the whole duration of your residence permit. To be valid for the residence permit, the health insurance policy must satisfy a series of criteria as specified by Italian law:

  • It has to cover a possible case of accident and hospital treatment in Italy and in the Schengen Area;
  • Its duration has to correspond to the period of your stay in Italy (if you’re expected to remain in Italy more than 12 months, you will need to renew it along with the residence permit renewal);
  • A coverage of €30,000.

Please note that private insurances from home countries are not accepted at the Questura unless an official document from the Italian embassy or consulate in the home country states the insurance’s validity. If you decide to purchase an Italian health insurance policy, LUISS University recommends to contact WAI – Welcome Association Italy (Generali INA Assitalia group).

More information

Italian tax code number

The Italian tax code number is composed of letters and numbers: according to Italian law, the tax code identifies you in all dealings with Italian public authorities and other administrations. The tax code is strictly personal. Non-EU and EU students must obtain an Italian tax code number in order to:

  • Enroll in the Italian Public Health Service (SSN)
  • Be able to open a bank account
  • Be employed
  • Start a business

To obtain their tax code number, students must go to the local office of the Italian Revenue Agency.

More information

Students have to bring with them:

  • a photocopy of the passport
  • a photocopy of the VISA (for non-EU students)
  • the request for the Residence Permit (for non-EU students);
  • a copy of the rental contract in Rome
  • the request form duly compiled

Opening a bank account

If you need to open a bank account in Italy, you should present the following documentation at the bank of your choice:

  • Italian tax code number
  • Identity document (ID / passport)
  • Certificate of enrollment/ invitation letter of the University
  • Non-EU students are also required to show their residence permit (or the receipt stating their application)
  • Italian mobile phone number (might be required)

When a third party sends money by wire transfer to a bank account holder, he/she has to send money to the bank first (meaning money cannot be transferred directly to an individual’s bank account). After 5 working days, the bank will advise that the money is available, and the bank account holder can decide whether to withdraw it in cash or deposit it in his/her account. There will be an added tax to pay for accounts superior to €5,000.

Civil registry

For periods exceeding three months, all foreign students should register at the Civil Registry of the municipality they live in, as Italians citizens do.
Students will need to call 06 0606 to know to which Roman municipality they belong to (by providing the address of their accommodation in Rome).
This procedure is mandatory, and it requires the following documents:

  • Personal ID (or equivalent)
  • Declaration by LUISS stating the duration of the student’s exchange period (this document is issued by the International Development Office on orientation day)
  • Health insurance policy covering all risks that students might incur during the entire exchange period abroad
  • Proof of economic means of support (also by self-statement)


LUISS University helps students find conveniently-located housing solutions, based on their personal needs, through three types of services:

  • University residences - complexes of small apartments with double rooms and common areas;
  • Contracted residences - facilities that offer rooms and services at a discounted price for LUISS students;
  • Private rooms and apartments, for which students can use the free brokerage service, CasaLUISS.

More information

CasaLUISS, a real estate agency entrusted by LUISS, helps students to find a proper accommodation in the area close to LUISS campuses – on in other areas of the city as well. Casa LUISS provides assistance to interested students throughout their stay, from the procedure of signing a contract to any possible issue related to the accommodation.
All interested students can contact Casa LUISS at +39 06 8522 5755 or via email at To see their offers, check their Facebook page.


Tick every box when you are done:

  • (NON-EU students) I have my passport and visa with me
  • (EU students) I have my ID or passport with me
  • (EU students) I have my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with me
  • I have my flight/train tickets ready
  • (NON-EU students) I have my health insurance with me, and I have checked with the Italian Consulate or Embassy in my home country that it fits for the requirements required by Italian law in order to cover for me during the entire period of my stay in Italy
  • If I have a particular medical condition, I have prescriptions, doctor’s notes and any other medical documentation that I need for my stay in Italy
  • I have checked exchange rates in Italy and made sure that my credit/debit cards work in Italy
  • I have the address and contact information of my apartment/house/residence/hotel/b&b/hostel in Rome
  • I have checked how to reach the apartment/house/residence/hotel/b&b/hostel once in Rome
  • I have all LUISS contact information and addresses with me
  • I have saved the schedule of LUISS Welcome Days in my agenda to make sure I won’t miss any appointments