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Campus life and services


LUISS University is located in the heart of Rome, in the lively Parioli and Trieste neighborhoods. On campus students will find a wide variety of services from a cafeteria, academic assistance and advice, career services and sports teams.

Where we are – LUISS campuses

Viale Romania
Completely renovated in 2007, it is the house of the Departments of Economics and Finance, Business and Management and Political Science. It is a campus of over 33,000 sqm set in a park in the center of Rome, with advanced technology and services.

Viale Pola
The historic LUISS campus and the University’s headquarters. It hosts the Offices of the President, of the Rector and of the General Management, and the LUISS School of Journalism.

Via Parenzo
Housing the Department of Law, this building from 1930 is considered one of the most original examples of the new architectural trends of that period. The campus is structured into various spaces and terraces, where studying means living in a community.

Villa Blanc
In January 2017, the LUISS Business School moved to a new campus at Villa Blanc, located on Via Nomentana 216.
It is the result of an important restoration process led by LUISS University to bring its unique beauty back to life.
An architectural jewel of the 19th century, Villa Blanc ensures students a unique learning experience thanks to the digital technologies offered combined with the prestigious historical setting.
LUISS Campuses are all located in the same area of the city – between the elegant Parioli district and the Trieste/ Nomentano area – surrounded by beautiful villas such as Villa Borghese, Villa Ada and Villa Torlonia. Students can easily reach our campuses thanks to LUISS shuttle buses, running every 10/15 minutes from the two main campuses of Viale Romania and Via Parenzo – the other campuses are within a walking distance.

Where to find us

On campus services and facilities

LUISS Welcome Desk

The Welcome Desk provides assistance to students from the pre-arrival phase and throughout your whole academic path at LUISS University, by helping you with administrative formalities and organizational aspects related to your stay in Rome. Moreover, the Welcome Desk runs a number of activities for international students, such as orientation days upon your arrival, guided tours of Rome, meetings, contests and special sessions during the year, and it also promotes initiatives and opportunities organized by other areas of the University, such as Italian Language Courses, volunteering activities, sports competitions, theatre classes and many others.

The Welcome Desk represents a primary point of contact for international students who don’t know who to refer to in order to access the University’s services, so that you can make the most of your LUISS experience and benefit from all the opportunities offered.
You can find the LUISS Welcome Desk on the Viale Romania campus, or via email at or calling +39 06 85225770.

Housing Service

The University helps students find conveniently-located housing based on their personal needs through three types of services:

  • university residences, complexes of small apartments with double rooms and common areas;
  • contracted residences, facilities that offer rooms and services at a discounted price for LUISS students;
  • private rooms and apartments, for which students can use the free brokerage service, CasaLUISS.

All options offered are located in the nearby area, in order to let students reach the campuses easily, and students can always refer to the university for any kind of issue related with their accommodation.

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LUISS Tutors

LUISS Students are supported during their entire academic path by University Tutors and Academic Tutors.

The University tutor, a young researcher or professional in the fields of social sciences, can help you:

  • to organize your workload
  • to plan your study in the semester bearing in mind the examination session
  • to communicate with LUISS professors and researchers
  • to enrich your education with training opportunities and practical experience
  • to write your study plan or to make future choices
  • to choose the best thesis for your future career
  • to outline the proper LUISS offices and services that you might need

Your University tutor will help you build up your Biography of the Student, to start drawing a career path which reflects your ambitions and goals, to increase your employability in the labor market.
You can always find a tutor from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the tutor rooms at Viale Romania or at Via Parenzo.

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Moreover, LUISS students can also refer to a team of academic tutors, who provide individual educational support in various disciplines. Academic tutors organize individual meetings, study groups (on specific topics, methodology or cross-cutting skills) and educational modules in Academic Gym, literally an exam workout to help students prepare for their exams. Academic Gym sessions are focused on several disciplines, such as financial mathematics, economics, sociology-politics, international law etc.

The LUISS Language Center

The LUISS Language Center coordinates and develops language education inside the University, offered through a blended method that combines traditional classes with innovative multimedia materials and language labs. The Language Center offers to LUISS students courses in English, Italian (for foreign speakers), French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Italian Language Courses

LUISS offers all its international students the chance to attend free Italian language classes, offered every semester and organized in different levels, according to the levels of knowledge of interested students, verified through an initial assessment test.
Italian classes take place once a week and can be mandatory for some categories of students.
If you’re attending Italian classes as a compulsory course, lessons will take place once a week (2 hours and 30 minutes per week) on Thursdays. Attendance is mandatory and, at the end of each course, you will have to sit an exam.
If Italian is not a mandatory language in your study plan, the course needs to be chosen by a minimum number of students to start. If activated, classes will take place once a week, on Saturday mornings. For those students who decide to register for the course as an optional course, attendance is strongly recommended and therefore all the students who attend less than 50% of lessons will not be admitted to the next level courses.

This course aims at introducing the students to phrases and typical Italian expressions which are used on a daily basis, learning through simple activities how to exchange information and common topics.

For more information, you can contact the University Language Center at


IELTS = he International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most popular English language certification exams, recognized by universities, governments, immigration offices, companies and job placement agencies around the world. The test assesses the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking
LUISS University promotes and holds on-campus IELTS Academic test sessions in association with International House - Accademia Britannica Rome, an IELTS test center accredited by IDP Education Australia.
All LUISS students who, at the time of submission of the application, are regularly enrolled in the second or third year of a bachelor’s degree program or in the first or second year of a master’s degree program can register for the test.

Candidates who have paid the registration fee will be granted access free of charge to the preparation course for the IELTS Academic test. The course, which lasts a total of 20 hours spread out over four days, is designed to provide the technical skills and tools necessary to prepare candidates to do their best in the four papers: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. During the last lesson candidates do a practice test, which will be corrected with immediate feedback from the teacher.

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LUISS Cafeteria

All LUISS students can access our cafeterias, on Viale Romania and on Viale Pola, open for lunch and dinner throughout the entire week. Our chefs’ choices guarantee a healthy and well balanced diet, mixing traditional Italian flavors with more exotic ones, integrating the variety of cultures represented among our students. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available and the canteen personnel is always ready to offer special meals for those students who might have food allergies and intolerances.
While having competitive prices with bars and restaurants outside the campus, advantageous discounts are offered to regular customers.
Moreover, an expert nutritionist is available once a week to talk with students and help them with advice on food, diets and meal plans, for them to follow a healthy lifestyle in and outside the campus.

LUISS Library

With all new spaces renovated to house a new vision, the LUISS Library is specialized in social sciences, especially in law, economics and political science and contain 86,000 monographs and 1,150 periodicals, 430 with current subscriptions. Among the library’s constantly growing electronic resources are 85 databases, 76,000 e-books and 64,000 e-journals.
The Library is located in Via di S. Costanza, 53. For any info regarding access, consultation and loan, you can contact; for bibliographic information and extra library services, please refer to
The library opening hours are posted online.
The staff is at your service for assistance with research and consultation of the library’s collections through our discovery, as well as additional online catalogs from Italy and around the world.

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Following an extensive renovation, the library now has 24 PC workstations and 15 tablets. The library also offers 3 self-check stations and, in line with the University’s sustainability objectives, 11 scanners in place of photocopiers and printers.
The Library has created a large space for free time, with places to eat, green spaces and rooms dedicated to informal reading, where users can relax or participate in cultural events and gatherings.

LUISS Sport Academy

LUISS University founded LUISS Sports Association in 1999. The project started off with the first basketball team, followed by women’s volleyball and men’s soccer. In the upcoming seasons, other teams have been created, currently amounting to fifteen, for basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, rowing, swimming, skiing, athletics, cycling. Over the academic year, students-athletes can take part to several sports tournaments, for instance in the sports disciplines of golf, tennis and soccer.
Since 2016-2017, thanks to LUISS Sport Academy students are given the possibility of obtaining a managerial education alongside playing new sports. All LUISS students-athletes can enroll to the LUISS Sport Program, which allows them to keep practicing their preferred sports at a competitive level, while attending top-quality academic courses, with the chance of applying for sports scholarships.

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Career Services Office

The Career Services Office helps LUISS students and alumni make their first moves in the job market through guidance and training programs.
Students can get advice from skilled professionals specialized in recruiting, who will help them discover and strengthen their abilities.

  • Placement activities: the CS encourages students to participate to internships, in line with regional and national regulation, both in Italy and abroad. An internship represents a unique chance to gain work experience while approaching to the job market.
  • Career Center: the new Career Center platform is now available to help students and recent graduates to stay updated on internship opportunities and job offers from businesses, law firms and public institutions, in Italy and abroad. Through the Career Center, students and graduates can also apply for job vacations posted daily by employers.

ERS and volunteering activities

LUISS promotes activities based on the principles of Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability in order to contribute to the creation of a University that inspires cultural evolution within society.
Ethics means promoting and honoring the values of honesty, equality and integrity.
Responsibility means consciously evaluating the consequences of decisions, at every level. 
Sustainability means encouraging environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

Several activities and workshops are organized based on ERS concepts, in order to allow students to develop critical thought and problem-solving skills aimed at improving community awareness and understanding how to play a unique role in creating value for Society.

Within this framework LUISS has developed VolontariaMENTE, a volunteering program open to all bachelor’s and master’s students, who can gain direct experience through 15 different social projects that provide one-of-a-kind chances to learn, share and change the world.

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The Language Cafè

The LUISS Language Café is a popular multilingual home for creative collaboration and cultural exchange. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, in Room 312 (third floor) of the Viale Romania campus.
All students, faculty and staff can meet here to enjoy the latest news and music in different languages, drink a free coffee or tea, browse through our international newspapers, magazines and over 1,000 books, attend or offer a lesson or an event, play or learn the keyboard or the guitar, or reserve a maker space/theatre area to create something of value. The café is a joyful place where people converse, share and connect. There are only two rules: No studying and speak another language! The mission is to push peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and connectivity. By openly sharing our knowledge, experiences and best practices through other languages we seek to provide a wonderful basis for creativity and fulfilment.
The café features an open lounge (for conversation and language exchange, brainstorming and creative workshops, music performance and appreciation, reading and discussion), three maker spaces (for creating videos, blogs, podcasts, articles, interviews, presentations, projects) and a theatre area (for themed seminars and lessons, presentations, debates, the sharing of best practices and development of performance skills, together with cultural events such as cinema, literary and quiz evenings).
For more info, check out the cafè’s blog, Facebook page and Instagram profile.


In the Romania campus, the Laboratory of Fabulous Things – LOFT, has recently opened for business. The space was conceived to foster and enhance an academic culture based upon technology, design thinking and creativity.

The LOFT promotes and develops creative activities by virtue of its inherent flexibility and its many spaces, consisting of: a consultancy point, a coding area with 3 dedicated computers, a central co-working space, a video-making room featuring a green screen and a white screen, a post-production room and a tech cinema.
Everybody in the University is welcome at the LOFT. There is an open invitation during our many events and classes, whereas, when free from activities, in order to ensure the best use of the resources, a membership program is used. In this way we gather a deeper knowledge of competences, motivation and willingness to collaborate.


The LOFT is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

When the LOFT is free from scheduled activities, members can access it for any creative purpose, and can book each space by e-mail if the activity calls for this (i.e. videomaking, post-production, recording, et cetera).
The Loft has already hosted many events and courses, including a series of Sparkhub meetings, courses on video-making and for the Geek Café, Skill-a-bus activities and institutional events organized by Career Services, including 8 webinars for the introduction to master’s degrees. Many of our events have been live streamed.

Luiss LOFT current courses include coding, machine learning, Internet of things courses certified by CISCO (Introduction to Internet of Things, IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things, IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics, IoT Fundamentals: Hackaton Play Book) and the songwriting laboratory (LUISS Music Factory).
Future topics will include digital education, Matlab and Advanced Excel.

The Community Garden

Launched on November 26, 2014, the LUISS Community Garden is the first community garden inside an Italian university, a 500 m² green space open to students, staff, faculty and the whole community around the campuses.
The LUISS Community Gardening Program represents a perfect field to experiment a collaborative governance, in terms of social, economic, institutional and legal technology. This governance is based on collaboration, sharing and cooperation, with the aim of conveying students, students’ associations and staff towards the effective co-management of the Garden, making the most of ideas, efforts, energies, capabilities, skills and talents coming from the community.
The LUISS Community Gardening project is managed by the ERS and Students’ Development Office and can be   considered as an incubator where students can experience sustainability, learn how to manage the land, develop ideas and projects using proper tools.
Moreover, in honor of World Autism Awareness Day, in April 2016 the University launched the Autistici & Giardinieri project which involves fifteen autistic teens and adults in the care of the Viale Romania garden.

LUISS Counseling

The LUISS Counseling is a free service open to all LUISS students, in the form of a talking therapy developed around the call for help from those who might feel the need to solve a pressing psychological conflict. The service is open to all students who would like to ask for advice or simply discuss their point of view on any concern with a professional, with full respect of the student’s privacy.
Counseling sessions can enrich international students by increasing their consciousness of cultural differences and helping them to find creative strategies, by relying on their own personal strength, in order to overcome obstacles to a fulfilling experience abroad.

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ESN ROMA L.U. is a section of Erasmus Students Network, one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. Its mission is to represent international students at LUISS University and to improve the internationalization of the university itself. ESN Roma LUISS strives to provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.
Its goal is to make the staying of each international student in Rome and at LUISS unforgettable by supporting diversities, promoting international dimension and involving students in many entertaining activities.
In addition, ESN promotes student’s mobility as a way to gain international exposure and learn to appreciate diversity and cultural exchange.
You can contact the ESN Roma LUISS Association on their website, on their Facebook page or by writing

Student Associations

Over the years, LUISS students have created several student clubs, groups and organization for students to get the most of their everyday life at the campus, with the chance to get involved in a series of cultural, leisure and volunteering activities outside the university as well. Nowadays LUISS Students’ Associations are more than 30, spanning many areas of interest, such as political issues, sustainability, finance, human rights, innovation, volunteering with disabled children, sports, LGBT rights, and much more.

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