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Luiss Guido Carli

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Master in Institutional Relations, Lobbying and Business Communications

Second-level master's degree

This master's program is the only one of its kind in Italy, and aims to create a new professional profile that is currently in demand among medium-sized and large companies, one which is not reflected in the current Italian educational system, where the culture of institutional relations and lobbying activities is largely absent.

The program’s objective is to develop in-depth knowledge of the processes that govern the creation of laws and decision-making within institutions and public entities; an understanding of the mechanisms underlying consent-building; a full awareness of the practices and codes of representing interests; and the ability to identify and implement the most effective business communication strategies.

The master's program aims to train professionals who are capable of working at private, national and multinational companies, and at companies in the public sector that handle relations with institutions and public entities: experts in pressure mechanisms, representation of interests and external communication of private and public organizations, of industrial companies and services. Special attention will be given to business case analysis, using instruments and methodologies capable of reproducing the daily activities of companies.

The thematic areas covered are:
Legal-institutional, economic-institutional, economic-corporate, political science-related, political marketing-related, psychological-relational, and that related to strategic interaction and communication.

The master is carried out in collaboration with IBM, Piaggio Group, SKY, the LUISS alumni association, sponsored by Eni SpA.

Director: Professor Alberto Petrucci, full professor of Macroeconomics
Co-director: Francesco Delzìo, Director of External Relations, Institutional Affairs and Marketing (Executive Vice President), Atlantia and Autostrade per l'Italia.

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