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Luiss Guido Carli

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Master in Business and Company Law: European and International Perspectives

Second-level master's degree

This master's program offers a panorama of company structures and of the most common contractual tools in EU law, the most important experiences of civil law and common law, of BRICS countries and of international commerce.

The master’s program includes 14 modules on: non-corporate forms of association, comparative corporate law in civil law and common law, in the BRICS countries and in EU law, listed companies in comparative and EU law, M&A and antitrust law in comparative and EU law, accounting, financial statements and market information, financial market contracts in international practice, Lex mercatoria and international commercial contracts, international sales, completion of major international efforts (international procurement, project financing, public procurement, environmental assessment), business crises in comparative, EU and international law, international and ADR arbitration.

Classes will be held in Italian and English, by Italian and foreign experts, and will be integrated with the examination of cases and materials, with the drafting of contracts and opinions, with the simulation of arbitral proceedings and with internships.

The program has a scientific committee, chaired by Professor Diego Corapi and made up of Italian and foreign experts.

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