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Management of Neighborhood Structures and Associations for Regional Support

The objective of the program is to encourage the development of managerial skills for physicians called to play leadership roles in the health districts of the ASL and in the various adjacent structures, such as Functional Territorial Associations (AFT), Complex Units of Primary Care (UCCP), health care centers, nursing homes (RSA), health and social care residences (RSSA), and hospices that are currently involved in an in-depth process of institutional change.

The course aims to:

  • Transfer knowledge about the functioning of the national health care system according to a comparative, national and international perspective, which can be used to understand its specific issues and current changes
  • Analyze models and dynamics of the organizational functioning of health structures with particular reference to the issue of organizational design and mechanisms for coordination and integration between the various organizational units in the networks of primary and local care
  • Transfer methodologies and concepts related to the management of human resources with reference to the management of teams and conflict, the role of organizational culture, the development and training of resources, career management, goal management and service evaluation
  • Develop technical, relational, organizational and behavioral skills that encourage the process of organizational integration between different functions and roles
  • Provide an overview of the role of information technology as a factor facilitating the process of the modernization of health services, from the national and regional planning phase to that of business management
  • Transfer fundamental elements of administrative/accounting management such as the analysis of financial statements, budgeting, and management control, declining them in a specific context of territorial care organizations
  • Provide knowledge about the legislation on liability, transparency and privacy, with regard to theoretical and applied aspects, as well as updates in the field

Director: Franco Fontana, Director LUISS Business School, full professor of Economics and Business Administration.

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