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Foreign degrees

Candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree at a foreign university will have to attach the following in order to take the admission test:

  • certificate attesting to the exams taken and, for each course, detailed syllabi translated into Italian and certified by the Italian consulate or embassy in that country;
  • their secondary school diploma, if it was conferred by an institute within a foreign school system. Please note that, in accordance with MIUR regulations, diplomas conferred abroad allow access to Italian universities only if:
    • they have been conferred by official schools in that country’s educational system
    • they entitle the student to enroll in universities in the country in which they were conferred
    • they have been conferred after a minimum of fifteen years of schooling overall (primary and secondary education, college)

Diplomas conferred at foreign schools operating in or outside of Italy are considered valid if they are recognized and approved by a ministerial decree that determines its curricula.

  • a certificate stating that the candidate has passed the final exams for their diploma, if this is required to access local universities
  • the declaration of equivalent value for the diplomas/degrees (secondary school and university) that have been conferred/that are to be conferred and, in cases specified by law, also certification released by foreign official Institutions or by Enic-Naric

The aforementioned documents should not be sent to Luiss by diplomatic representatives, but instead must be brought directly to the Student Office by the candidate, with the possibility of sending them in advance to our email address:

For non-EU students in particular, local Italian diplomatic representatives will need to send Luiss Guido Carli the certified documentation, translated into Italian and accompanied by the degree’s Declaration of Equivalent Value, along with verification of the student’s personal identity (an authenticated photo), via diplomatic courier by the application deadline.

With regard to secondary school diplomas it should be noted that:

  • US High School diplomas, to be considered valid, must be supplemented by one of the following:
    • two years of college/university (and admission to the third year)
    • one full year of college (and admission to the second year) and the passing of at least four AP exams (United States Advanced Placements)
    • have passed the Italian secondary school exam
    • hold a diploma (or have completed other qualifications) declared equivalent to the Italian secondary school exam
    • have obtained at least three US Advanced Placements (APs) in subjects relating to the university programme applied for, and in cases specified by law one of which must necessarily be in Italian
  • The British GCE (General Certificate of Education) diplomas allow enrollment only if they attest to at least six promotions in various subjects at least three of which must be A level (Advanced level).

For information regarding degrees and diplomas, please consult the Regulations for 2015-2016 regarding the access of foreign students to university degree programs and refer to Italian consular authorities in the country whose school system the conferred degree belongs to.