Evaluation Department


In the 1999/2000 academic year, LUISS Guido Carli formalized the University’s internal evaluation procedures with the establishment of the Evaluation Department, a process that had already been started on an experimental basis in previous years.
Introduced into universities with Law 537/93 and Law 370/99, these evaluations address and are adapted to a more general trend seen in many commercial and cultural situations; a trend that derives from a growing awareness of the need to raise traditional quality standards, improve service to users and facilitate the process of streamlining and optimizing resources.

To respond to these needs, LUISS Guido Carli’s Evaluation Department performs activities designed to evaluate the teaching and services offered by the University. Its main objective is to take a snapshot of the current situation, to gather data and information on the University and subsequently offer insights on how to improve the University’s various activities and internal processes. Ultimately, the goal of the Department’s evaluations is to put itself forward as a “meeting place” where students’ assessments of the direction the University is going in can converge. It also seeks to be a privileged point from which the University’s dynamics and internal processes can be observed and analyzed, with the goal of enhancing strengths and areas of excellence and reporting possible problems to those in charge.

The Evaluation Department creates a Report (in Italian) each year that gathers data and information on the entire University.

For more information on the types of evaluations and surveys that the Evaluation Department carries out, please see the Italian version of this page, by clicking on the Italian flag above.

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