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LUISS Guido Carli



Attendance and exam

Participants are required to complete a written report after each visit to institutions (for a total of four written reports), which will together constitute the final exam.

Full attendance at lectures and company visits is mandatory, as they provide the set of competencies needed to successfully pass the exams.

Participants who attend 90% of both lectures and visits to the institutions and pass the exams will receive a certificate of achievement. 

Participants who do not pass the exam but have attended at least 80% of the lectures and visits to the institutions will receive a certificate of attendance.

Cultural activities

Must See Tour

A walking tour about history, arts, fountains, piazzas and monuments of Rome. The names of all these monuments may sound familiar as they are depicted in countless works of arts, books and movies, but nothing beats being there and feeling the vibe, the history and the beauty of these magnificent monuments.

Agenda 2018