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LUISS Guido Carli


Legal Summer School

Legal Summer School

The Legal Summer School introduces students to a variety of legal fields using case studies and practical exercises. Students who participate earn 40 hours in School-Work Alternation credits as well as direct access to LUISS degree programs through the Two-Year Course for Talented Young People. The course is offered exclusively in Italian.

Students will become acquainted with legal terms and institutions while participating in rhetoric exercises, public speaking and writing.  Participants will perform court simulations during workshops, learning about defense, judging and writing sentences. Some lessons will take place in a room designed to resemble a real courtroom, interrogation room and negotiation room.


  • July 1-6, 2018 enrolment not available anymore
  • July 8-13, 2018 enrolment not available anymore

Legal Summer School


No housing, lunch in cafeteria
€900 including VAT

Full room and board 
€1100 including VAT

Students who participate in more than one week of Summer School 2018 receive a 15% discount for each session.

Two-Year Course for Talented Young People

Students in their third-to-last year of high school can access the program through the Cyber Summer School. The program offers scholarships and direct admission to LUISS upon graduation.

School-Work Alternation

Participants in the Cyber Summer School earn 40 credit hours for the School-Work Alternation program.

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School credit

Upon completion of the program, students receive certifications that can be recognized for school credit.