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Level test

Level test 2017-2018: second semester

In order to be assigned to a language course, students need to take a mandatory level test. Please note that no certifications will be considered valid to exempt students from taking the assessment test. If issued within the last two years, students can bring a copy the day of the test in order to provide teacher with another assessment tool. 

Even students who do not have any knowledge of the language chosen have to show up the day of the test informing the teacher that their level is beginner.

Please note that the following categories of students do not have to take the level test organized by the University Language Center (CLA):

  • students who have applied for the Erasmus Program 2018-2019 and have taken the language tests set for the International Exchange programs. Indeed, the Erasmus tests replace CLA level tests in order to insert a student in a language group and students cannot take both;
  • Master’s Degree students who – during their Bachelor’s Degree program at LUISS – have already attended courses of the mandatory/optional language chosen. In these cases, indeed, level attained during their three-year program will be considered in order to insert them in the course

Below students can find the calendars of the second semester 2017-2018 level tests, subdivided by Department: Department of Economics and Finance, Department of Business and Management, Department of Political Science. 

In order to take the test, students are divided into groups. Below the lists – for each language – of students to be tested with the indication of time and classroom for the level test:

Arabic test

English test for Business English

Chinese test

French test

German test

Portuguese test

Russian test

Spanish test

In general we inform that:

  • it is not possible to take the test in a different date/time 
  • it is always recommended to take the test on the fixed date in order to avoid delay for being inserted in a language group
  • in case of absence students will receive information to retake the test