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LUISS Guido Carli


Evaluation criteria for students first enrolled from 2015-2016

Evaluation criteria for students first enrolled from 2015-2016

Language lesson attendance

Attendance is highly recommended as participation is a part of students’ final grades. Active participation in lessons is also the best preparation for end-of-semester exams as well as for the final, for-credit, exam taken during the last semester. Students are required to make up work missed when absent, including any homework. Although there is no absence limit, students are recommended to miss no more than three lessons each semester.

English for bachelor’s degree students in Economics and Management and single-cycle master’s degree in Law

English is obligatory, no exemptions will be granted. Students must take exams at the end of the third year. The course is structured to provide natural progression, semester by semester.

At the end of each semester, generally in the penultimate lesson, students will take a written and oral test. Passing the exam indicates that a student has reached the level’s goals and can progress to the next module. Students who do not pass the exam may not progress.

The final exam, taken at the end of the third year, certifies that a student has reached his graduation goal, based on students’ levels upon beginning their studies. The graduation goal is defined as the minimum level a student is expected to reach before graduation. Reaching the set goal before the end of the last semester does not exempt a student from attending courses, nor does it allow students to take the final exam before their third year of studies, except in the case of level C2.2.

Completion of language studies is therefore conditional upon reaching the minimum level, based on students’ initial levels. Students that do not pass their final exams can re-take them according to schedules set by the University Language Center. Students who do not follow language courses offered by LUISS Guido Carli may still be admitted to final exams, however, it is then the students’ responsibility to reach the required level, and LUISS will not offer materials or supplementary lessons.

English and a mandatory second foreign language – Department of Political Science

English and obligatory second language courses taught by LUISS instructors have final exams with grades expressed in thirtieths that award students credits. The exam is based on work done throughout the semester including:

  • presence and participation
  • class work including exercises in the text book and other materials provided by the instructor
  • homework (including online work)
  • final written and oral exam results 

End-of-semester written exams consist of a reading passage relevant to topics covered during the course and an argumentative essay, with an introduction, development and conclusion. Oral exams take place during regular exam sessions and are published on the academic calendar. At the end of the oral exam, students will receive a grade, expressed in thirtieths, as well as credits and a certification of their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference. Students who do not pass the exam or are absent during the session, can retake the final exam in a later session.

For bachelor’s degree students: students who test at the C1.1 level in their initial or end-of-semester evaluation can enroll for the second language course taught by a LUISS instructor and take the final exam even before reaching their final semester.   

Optional languages (all Departments)

Optional language courses are held on Saturday mornings. Course length varies depending on the students’ course of study.

Bachelor’s degree students and students in their third year of Law who test at level B2.4 in initial level tests will be exempt from the course and granted a completion certificate. Students who reach the B2 level during a course can request a completion certificate before the course finishes. Exemption from language courses will only be granted if a student presents international certification stating achievement of level B2 after registering with LUISS. Certificates must be valid and granted no more than two years prior to the exemption request.

Master’s degree students (including students in their fourth year of Law in 2015-2016) may not be granted exemption under any circumstances. At the end of each semester, students will take a written and oral exam. Only students who pass the test will be granted permission to go to the next level. Students will be granted a completion certificate when they can demonstrate progression, taking into account their initial levels.