The University Language Center (CLA)


The University Language Center’s goal is to coordinate and develop the language education services offered by LUISS through a structured training system that supports traditional forms of teaching with more innovative ones that use multimedia and language labs.

The role of the University Language Center

  • To create projects that will develop linguistic and intercultural skills for each department
  • To implement specific language learning projects using multiple methods and a variety of useful cognitive tools
  • To implement integrated language learning courses in conjunction with external institutions
  • To facilitate the issuing of internationally recognized language certifications
  • To maintain relationships with departments to adapt to their specialized language needs and their academic, professional and intercultural communications skills
  • To be a place where all logistic and didactic information comes together and is easily accessible to students and language instructors
  • To make educational material available to students and teachers
  • To provide technical support for teaching and developing “ad hoc” teaching materials
  • To develop and manage independent learning programs
  • To promote applied language research and participate in national, European and international research projects 
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