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Booking of the enrolment

Booking of the enrolment a.y. 2019/2020

Starting from mid-October and within 8 November 2018 (included) students that passed the admission test to the Bachelor and Single Cycle Degrees for the academic year 2019/2020 – during the Orientation Summer School 2018 edition – will have to book their enrolment. To book the enrolment:

  • log into the personal area Web Self service by using the Username and Password that will be sent via e-mail to the address indicated on the application form;
  • After logging in and modifying the password, select on the left menu “Enrolment/registration/Summer School” (“Immatricolazione/Iscrizione alla frequenza/Summer School”) and complete the booking of the enrolment;
  • During the process the student will have to choose the binding Bachelor Degree program to which the student wishes to enrol. The choice is not amendable.

You are reminded that those who passed the test in English will be able to opt for English and Italian-taught Bachelor Degrees. Those students who passed the test in Italian will be able to choose only among Italian-taught courses.

  • The process includes the Upload of a passport-size picure (JPG format- eg. ID card) that clearly demonstrates the identity of the student; the procedure cannot be completed without the upload of the picture that will be displayed on the Web Self-Service and on the LUISSApp;
  • At the end of the completion it will be possible to print the Mav payment slip for the I instalment of the annual tuition fee (contributo unico). These payment slips can be paid  at any bank in Italy. The payment must be done without exception within the deadline of 8 November 2018.
  • The booking of the enrolment is  to be considered concluded with the automatic reception of the payment – within three working days after the payment date - with the automatic payment flow of the I instalment into the student’s career and it is not required to submit any document at the Student Office.

 For the 2019/2020 academic year the amount of the single tuition fee (contributo unico) for all 3-year bachelor’s degree and single-cycle master’s degree programs is 11,000 Euros payable in three installments (due payment dates: 1st installment – 8 November 2018; 2nd installment – 31 October 2019; 3rd installment 28 February 2020).

 You are reminded that the deadline of 8 November 2018 for the booking of the enrollment is peremptory and therefore it cannot be remedied after expiry by making a late payment charge.

 A potential renounce to the Enrollment must be communicated in written form to the address:

The Enrollment will at any case be subject to the awarding of a valid secondary school diploma.

Students holding a foreign title are reminded that the high school certificate will have to be translated and legalised by the local Italian diplomatic authorities in the country whose school system has awarded the qualification. It is asked to present the “Dichiarazione di Valore” or the recognizing Ministerial Decree.

Their enrolment will be subject to the compliance of the title with the Ministry of Education and Foreign Ministry for the a.y. 2019/2020 rules regarding the enrolment to Italian Universities.

It should be borne in mind that pursuant to current Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) regulations, qualifications awarded abroad grant access to an Italian university only if they:

  • have been conferred by schools officially recognized by the foreign country's education system;
  • entitle the student to enroll in universities of the country that conferred them;

have been conferred on completion of a minimum of 12 years of overall schooling (primary and secondary education).

Qualifications conferred by foreign schools operating in Italy shall be considered valid only if they are recognized and approved by the ministerial decree that regulates and approves their curricula.

In the case of qualifications awarded abroad as part of a mobility program, solely those obtained after a minimum period of mobility of two years will be considered and examined.


With regard to secondary school diplomas it should be noted that:

US High School diplomas, to be considered valid, must be supplemented by one of the following:

  • two years of college/university (and admission to the third year)
  • one full year of college (and admission to the second year) and the passing of at least four AP exams (United States Advanced Placements)
  • have passed the Italian secondary school exam
  • hold a diploma (or have completed other qualifications) declared equivalent to the Italian secondary school exam
  • have obtained at least three US Advanced Placements (APs) in subjects relating to the university programme applied for, and in cases specified by law one of which must necessarily be in Italian

The British GCE (General Certificate of Education) diplomas allow enrollment only if they attest to at least six promotions in various subjects at least three of which must be A level (Advanced level).

For any information regarding qualifications, it is advisable to check the ministerial rules governing university enrolment by foreign students and to contact the local Italian diplomatic authorities in the country whose school system has awarded the qualification.

For a preliminary evaluation of their foreign title students can contact CIMEA

Completion of University Enrollment

Admitted students can formally complete their previously booked university enrolment between June and with 25 July 2019 – will receive via e-mail communication for their Enrollment in accordance with procedures and deadlines details of which will be posted on a dedicated page of the University’s website – through the Web Self Service.

Refund of Tuition Fee Paid to Book University Enrollment

Students who do not wish to complete university enrollment for the 2019/2020, academic year may cancel the booking already made and apply for a refund by the peremptory deadline of 5 June 2019. The application for a refund must be sent by e-mail to accompanied by a copy of the candidate’s ID and must include their Italian tax number and details of the bank account to which the refund is to be paid.