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LUISS Guido Carli


Skill-a-bus 1

The program is open to all students who are enrolled in 2016-2017 for their II or III year of the bachelor’s degree programs in the Departments of Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science, and to those enrolled in their III, IV or V year of the single-cycle master's degree program in Law.

The course is completely free of charge, participants will earn credits as listed in the study plan under Other Activities.

The course is divided into modules, and has a total length of 42 hours. To earn credits, students must attend at least 80% of the total hours, which corresponds to 34 hours. Students can only miss 8 hours.

The course is organized into 3 modules:

The course calendar will be available in September 2016.

Module I - Decision-making and judgment processes

First semester 2016-2017

Total length: 15 hours, divided into 5 classes of 3 hours each

The aim of this module is to give students an interactive awareness of the key mechanisms in judgment formation and the main errors affecting cognitive processes.

Lectures are structured by providing, after a brief introduction, two experiments directly involving students. The results of these experiments will be analyzed and explained to the class. Then the lecturer will explain the theoretical issues covered during the lecture.

Module II - Writing

Second semester 2016-2017

Total length: 15 hours, divided into 5 classes of 3 hours each

The aim of this module is to analyze different types of written texts to gain a deeper understanding of the main characteristics that make various types of writing effective in different situations and for different purposes. Several types of written texts will be analyzed, with a particular focus on those which will be used upon entry into the world of work.

Module III - Public speaking

Second semester 2016-2017

Total length: 12 hours, divided in 2 consecutive days

The aim of this module is to develop effective communication and public presentation skills, which are essential in all areas of human activity. These skills, however, are especially useful for those who work in structured and competitive environments.

General rules 

  • To earn credits, students must attend the minimum number of hours for each course;
  • A tutor will be in charge of tracking attendance, which will be done by signing a register. Students who do not sign this register will be considered absent. Attendance is compulsory and will be used to determine the credits earned. No exceptions will be made.
  • Absences are calculated on the basis of the attendance register. Depending on the calendar and their personal needs, students can either miss a single day, or can leave early (to minimize distractions, arriving late is not permitted).
  • Once a student has selected one of the courses, they cannot earn the credits in any other way.
  • Students who have already earned the credits in their study plan under Other Activities, who have already begun following an optional foreign language course or any other course that requires attendance in order to earn credits cannot apply.

More information

  • The program is opened to a maximum of 125 students enrolled in degree programs held in Italian and to a maximum of 25 students enrolled in degree programs held in English; participants are selected in order of registration; the maximum number of participants refers to students from all relevant departments.
  • Each group in the course will have a maximum of 25 participants; students will be divided into various groups by alphabetical order, and cannot choose their group.
  • Students enrolled in an English-language degree program will be automatically enrolled in English-language course.
  • When less than the minimum number of 15 students sign up for a course, that course will not be offered.
  • Activities will take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays (three weekends during the first semester and four-five weekends during the second semester); eight-hour lessons (from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) will have a lunch break from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch breaks are not considered course hours.
  • No activities will take place during exam periods.
  • All the courses will take place on one of the LUISS campuses.


To register for this course you must send an email to with your full name and your matriculation number between June 8 and 23, 2016. Requests received before or after this period will not be considered.

The course calendar will be available in September 2016.