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LUISS Guido Carli


Residences and Accommodation

LUISS residences

The University helps students find conveniently-located housing based on their personal needs through three types of services: university residences, complexes of small apartments with double rooms and common areas; contracted residences, facilities that offer rooms and services at a discounted price for LUISS students; and private rooms and apartments, for which students can use the free brokerage service, CasaLUISS.

Residenze universitarie

University residences

Via Lisbona 7  

Located next to the Viale Romania campus (home to the Departments of Business and Management, Economics and Finance, and Political Science), the structure has single and double rooms as well as double suites with in-room bathrooms, and cleaning services including linens.

The building has a doorman, night security, a common room, laundry room and a wifi connection. 

Web page (in Italian) 

Residenza Maria Teresa Panunzi

Via di Santa Costanza 53

Located in the LUISS Library building, close to the Viale Pola and Via Parenzo campuses. The structure has single and double rooms with in-room bathrooms and cleaning services including linens.

The building has a doorman, complete kitchens on every floor, a common area, laundry room and wifi connection.

Web page (in Italian)

Residenza Villa Betania

Via Antelao, 14

This facility is divided into small apartments with a living room, kitchenette, bathroom and double bedrooms. Available services include a doorman and night security, laundry room, occasional cleaning, common areas, reading room, central heating, outdoor space, technical assistance, Wi-Fi connection, and electric bike rental.

Web page (in Italian)

Residenza Collegio Maschile Don Nicola Mazza

Via di Trasone, 56

This facility features double and triple bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms and cleaning service including linens. It also offers dinner seven nights a week as well as lunch on on weekends and holidays. Other features include a complete kitchen on every floor, study rooms, gym, music room, laundry room, Wi-Fi connection, external spaces and electric bike rental.

Web page (in Italian)

More information

Accommodations Office
Viale Romania 32
T: 06 85225971

Collegi convenzionati

Contracted residences

LUISS Guido Carli has agreements with residences near the university campuses that offer various types of rooms. All residences offer shared living rooms and kitchens or meal plans.
It is possible to visit the facilities directly by calling the numbers listed below and making an appointment. Upon choosing a residence, students must simply contact the University Union to sign the rental form and pay a security deposit.

Residenza Dedalo

Via Costantino Maes, 23
T: 06 8600019

Facilities equipped with large common areas and garden, approximately a 15 minute walk to the LUISS campuses at Viale Pola and Via Parenzo where students can take the Viale Romania shuttle. The residence has both double and single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Services include housekeeping, weekly linen changes, a laundry room, common kitchen and Wi-Fi connection.

Web page (in Italian)

Pensionato San Domenico

Via degli Appennini, 37
T: 06 8540287
Women’s residence

Small, detached house with common areas and garden close to the LUISS campuses at Viale Pola and Via Parenzo, where students can take the Viale Romania shuttle. Double and single rooms are available in addition to half-board, room cleaning and Wi-Fi connection.

Web page (in Italian)

Istituto Suore Orsoline Unione Romana

Via Nomentana, 34
T: 06 4402953/983
Women’s residence

Facilities equipped with a garden and large common areas featuring double rooms, cleaning services, Wi-Fi connection and laundry room. The university campuses can be reached by public transport in approximately 15 minutes.

Web page (in Italian)

Collegio Suore Adoratrici

Via Torlonia, 6
T: 06 44238853
Women’s residence

Close to the LUISS campuses at Viale Pola and Via Parenzo, where students can take the Viale Romania shuttle. The residence features double rooms, breakfast, a shared kitchen, optional half-board service and Wi-Fi connection.

Web page (in Italian)

Suore Ancelle di Maria Immacolata

Via Gualtiero Castellini, 29
T: 06 8070012
Women’s residence

Near the Viale Romania campus, this detached house featuring common areas and garden offers full-board, a laundry room and Wi-Fi connection.

Web page (in Italian)

Ancelle del Sacro Cuore di Gesù 

Via XX Settembre 65/B
T: 06 4884843
Women’s residence

This housing option features a garden, wifi connection and ample common areas including a kitchen and laundry room. The residence has both single and double rooms with ensuite and common bathrooms. Residents can reach LUISS campuses in 15 minutes using public transportation.

Web page (in Italian)

I Gigli della Montagna

Via Monte Senario, 83
T: 06 8170232
Men’s residence

Located near the LUISS Villa Betania residence, students in this residence can reach the Viale Pola and Via Parenzo campuses in 15 minutes by public transport. Students can also reach Viale Romania in 10 minutes on the shuttle bus from Via Parenzo. The residence features single rooms with ensuite bathrooms, cleaning services including linen change, Wi-Fi connection and half-board (on request).

Web page (in Italian)

Collegio RUI

Via Sierra Nevada, 10
T: 06 54210796
Men's residence

The residence is surrounded by greenery in EUR, South Rome, only a few meters from the historic lake. Students can reach the campuses in approximately 30 minutes by public transportation. The residence features study rooms, multimedia rooms, aula magna, library, dining room, living room and gym.  

Web page (in Italian)

Fondazione RUI – Collegio Celimontano

Via Palestro, 7
T: 06 48905902
Women's residence

In the heart of Rome, this residence offers students a stimulating environment with lots of cultural activites. Each resident also receives a personized growth program designed by RUI.

Web page (in Italian)


Private rooms and apartments

For those who prefer accommodation in private apartments, LUISS offers CasaLUISS: a free brokerage service, that partners with a company working exclusively for LUISS to offer rooms in apartments that have been inspected and selected on the basis of qualitative criteria. In addition, students are assisted by qualified personnel until the contract is signed.


T: 06 85225755
T: 06 853778816

Web page (in Italian)