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LUISS Guido Carli


Finding a room as an Erasmus or exchange student

LUISS Guido Carli has a university residence which is not open to exchange students.

Most Erasmus and exchange students live in private apartments with Italian or international students in the vicinity of the University.

Accommodation will only be given to students who apply by the deadline (May 31) and are accepted by the LUISS Student Exchange Office under the Erasmus program or another student exchange agreement. The Student Exchange Office will send the official list of accepted students to the organization in charge of housing.

The Student Exchange Office does not take direct responsibility for providing accommodation. A private organization, CTS (Centro Turistico Studentesco e Giovanile) takes care of accommodation on the basis of the application forms received (by the Student Exchange Office of LUISS Guido Carli) by May 31, at the latest.

Requests for accommodation will not be considered if the application for housing (on a separate electronic form) is not uploaded in the online application system (Web Self-Service)

Read more about the application procedure

The average cost is about €400/month for a place in a double room and about €500/month for a place in a single room, plus extras (telephone, electricity, heating, gas).

You may also ask your coordinator for a copy of the accommodation form (but you should receive the direct link by email). Please read the booking conditions carefully, follow the instructions, complete and submit the application form by the deadline.

CTS will send an offer of accommodation to students via email, which must be confirmed by the deadline given. If the offer is not confirmed, the student will lose the room, which will be assigned to another person. At least one offer will be made by CTS to all students that complete the application correctly and in a timely manner.

Students that do not wish to apply for housing can look for a room themselves. In this case, we advise coming to Rome at least one week before the beginning of each semester.

We suggest the following web sites to look for accomodations privately: