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Double degrees and structured partnerships

The Double Degree in International Management (DDIM) with Fudan School of Management is a challenging two-year program taught entirely in English, aimed at students who intend to enroll in the LUISS Master's degree program in Management – all majors.

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After completing the program, students will obtain two degrees:

  • a Master's degree in Management issued by LUISS University;
  • a Chinese Master's degree (Suoshi) in International Business issued by Fudan SoM - School of Management.

The DDIM is a two-year program:

  • the first year is carried out at the Fudan SoM (Shanghai);
  • the second year is carried out at LUISS (Rome) with reciprocal participation by academic staff.

In order to earn a Double Degree, students will have to be in compliance with both their home and host universities' rules and conditions with regard to credits, attendance, deadlines etc.

The Program was established within the framework of the "Campus Italo-cinese", a project sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education, and jointly organized by Fudan SoM, LUISS and Bocconi.

image-6 Mar 2013 - 4:03pmAvailable slots

  • 15 for the 2016-2017 academic year

Additional information

Academic coordinator: Professor Giovanni Fiori