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LUISS Guido Carli


Student associations

image-28 Nov 2014 - 4:08pm

Associazione Cinema e Cultura

President: Daniele Dell'Aira - 339 1919157 -
Vice President: Claudia Masciopinto - 348 4226291 -

ACC was established to honor Marcello Tita, a student who passed away last September, by organizing cultural and recreational events. To honor Marcello's passions, the the group will pay particular attention to events regarding cinema, including talks with industry insiders and critics.


image-5 May 2017 - 6:34pmContact information:
President: Luigi Lovisetto - 346 5143255 -

The Corsi di Economia Association is made up of university students interested in taking part in a variety of activities in order to enrich their university experience through congregation and discussion.

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All Around

image-2 Dic 2014 - 5:09pmPresident: Sofia Bonaventura - 340 8163560 -
Vice Presidents: Francesco Bigerna - 370 3403023 and Pietro Raucci

All Around is an association that aims to give students a well-rounded university experience. Regularly organizing television appearances, events and conferences on a variety of themes, the association also promotes student integration and visits to national and international government agencies, volunteering opportunities and participation in sports. The association aims to show the true face of the university, not just study rooms and pages to turn, but a true incubator for the leading class.


ALPHA - Academic Laboratory of Participation Human relations and Activities

image-23 May 2017 - 11:08am Contact information:
 President: Francesco Natale -

 ALPHA is an interdepartmental group that promotes new experiences, growth and social activities. The association aims to give each member the same weight while taking advantage of all that LUISS has to offer. 

ALPHA was established in order to promote personal and professional growth, organize cultural and leisure activities, and contribute to student development.

Amnesty International Gruppo Giovani Roma Nord

image-28 Oct 2015 - 12:08pmHead of Group: Alessandra Di Giovanni - 333 5974308
Head of Campaigns: Marta Pistone - 339 3379733 -

 Amnesty International Gruppo Giovani Roma Nord is a group of LUISS students that volunteer with AI, one of the world's most important non-profit organizations in the field of human rights.
The group concentrates its efforts on awareness campaigns and organizing interactive cultural events.  The association furthermore looks for concrete solutions to improve legislation in countries with systematic human rights violations. 


image-2 Dic 2014 - 5:09pmContact information:
President: Aurelio Guida -331 3361011 -
Vice President: Federica Selvaggio - 329 53482323
Vice President: Luca Felli - 327 9199511

ARES is an apolitical, non-profit organization.
The goal of the association is to get students involved in cultural and recreational events in order to socialize, share ideas and experiences.
The association is present in three Departments and works also to facilitate contact between student life and the job market through events and conferences.


ASP - Associazione di Scienze Politiche

image-2 Dic 2014 - 5:11pmContact information:
Representative: Elena Pesciarelli - 366 5934300 -

ASP aims to promote cultural and recreational activities to bring students together, fostering conversation about universal concepts such as peace and respect within society. ASP furthermore collaborates with national and international political science associations and other groups focusing on relevant themes.

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Associazione Libera per l'Innovazione

image-2 Dic 2014 - 5:10pmContact information:
Representative: Fabrizio Malato -

The Associazione Libera per l'Innovazione is a place to discuss innovative proposals, open to all LUISS students. The association's primary objective is to facilitate students' entrance into the job market through practical, CV-enriching training initiatives. 
Join ALI to learn about innovative ideas and grow.

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Contact information:
Representative: Giacomo Giagnoli - 346 1285860 

BeYou is the first volunteer association at LUISS, established in 2009 by a group of students wishing to bridge the gap between university life and volunteering. BeYou volunteers run food and clothing drives, put on theater productions with disabled children, and work with children of young mothers with the Protettorato di San Giuseppe. BeYou collaborates with a variety of non-profit organizations such as Casa della Mamma and Save the Children.

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image-14 Nov 2016 - 2:39pmCoordinator and President: Flavia De Angelis - 366 3201554 -
Coordinator and President: Giulia Balice - 331 3803417-
Project ManagerBianca Fioramanti - 334 3955955 -

Culturit is a network of non-profit university associations that offer consulting services to protect and develop Italy's cultural heritage. Branches of Culturit have also been established in other leading universities, offering students a genuine opportunity to apply their knowledge in the job market, in the field of culture. The LUISS branch of Culturit was established to bring together students that want to have dynamic university careers by participating in research projects and studies in collaboration with public and private entities, foundations, museums and cultural associations in order to generate more interest in the field of culture while offering practical preparation for students.

ELSA Roma - European Law Students' Association


Contact information:
Representative: Marialuciana Di Santi - 345 5091183 -

ELSA Roma is the Roman branch of the European Law Students’ Association, the largest association of its type in the world.
ELSA is made up of students and recent graduates working to achieve academic and professional heights through extracurricular activities: informational sessions with professionals from a variety of legal fields, trial simulations, visits to branches of government, seminars and conferences, and internships in Italy and Europe.
ELSA thus offers students the perfect platform to hone their skills, develop new areas of interests, and meet students and professionals from all over Europe.

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EOSContact information:
President: Dario Tasca - 339 8124107 -
Vice President: Gianpaolo Panetta - 339 6231326 -
Representative: Felice Iozzo - 327 9307091 -

EOS was founded to enrich students’ university experiences from all departments through cultural, recreational and sporting events. EOS promotes dialog and participation, giving students the possibility to put their creativity, will and passion to the test by working by offering up their network as a platform for ideas. Get-togethers, culture and fun, to live the university experience to the max.


ESN Roma L.U.

image-20 Gen 2015 - 6:03pmContact information:
President: Salvatore Giannuzzi - 348 3498979 -

ESN Roma L.U. is a group of students that goes by the motto: “students helping students.” The association works to help international guests at LUISS live their experience to the fullest by helping them integrate into the life of the university and the city of Rome. The association furthermore assists Italian students planning to participate in exchange programs.
ESN Roma L.U. is a part of the ESN International network.

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FUCI - Federazione degli universitari cattolici

image-29 Set 2015 - 5:42pmContact information:
Representative: Andrea Fontana - 338 8707005

FUCI aims to help young university students develop a mature understanding of the Christian faith, promote ecclesiastic and civil responsibility, and support students developing their faith through cultural, theological and spiritual deepening.

FUCI carries out the Church’s mission within the University to create opportunities for cultural mediation, and discussion on culture and faith. The association shares and promotes the values of participatory democracy, pluralism and solidarity, in order to promote responsible citizenship.  FUCI furthermore promotes various initiatives throughout the academic year as well as weekly meetings at the University Chapel on the Via Parenzo campus.


Green Challenge

Contact information:
Representative: Martina Lillo - -

Green Challenge is a cultural association run entirely by students with the goal of making LUISS the first green university in Italy. Since its establishment, the association has seen fantastic results on initiatives that raise student awareness on eco-sustainability. However, there is still much to be done, and with the new CHA{LLE}NGE initiative, Green Challenge encourages students to continue developing an ecological lifestyle.

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IMSA - International Marketing Students Association

image-15 Set 2017 - 2:48pmPresident: Yuri Riccardo Perseu - 331 2990248 -
Vice President: Ciro Ranno

The association promotes training programs, meetings with professionnals and debates regarding marketing and communication for every field. The group analyzes case studies, career development and a variety of other activities to guarantee students the chance to interact with the field and build their careers.


image-4 Gen 2016 - 5:06pmContact information:
Representative: Roberto Sollino - 393 6697682 -

Interactive Students' Association aims to promote dialogue between students, civil society and politics in order to enrich students' personal skills necessary in their future careers. Members and affiliates will put their communicative skills, spirit of initiative and flexibility to work during ISA events within a multicultural environment.



image-5 Maggio 2016 - 10:53amPresident: Mariano Guzzetta349 8233953 - 

JELU (Junior Enterprise LUISS) is the university’s branch of a nonprofit organization run by students from the best universities from around the world. Organized as a small consulting company, the group collaborates with companies, firms and institutions in order to work for and with a variety of types of projects. This modus operandus allows junior entrepreneurs to create a wealth of experience and skills that compliments their university coursework.

L. Arcobaleno

image-29 Set 2015 - 5:47pmContact information:
President: Sara Mecatti - 347 5078076 -

L. Arcbaleno is based on respect for individuals while fighting against homophobia and sexuality-based discrimination. The association promotes integration and friendship for all those interested in  participating.

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image-4 Dec 2015 - 5:23pmContact information:
President: Samuele Molinaro - 348 5978449 -

LEP is a cultural association established to enliven and promote diverse cultural events. LEP works to make the university a place for ideas and cultural growth, promoting social and recreational events under the motto freedom is participation.

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LFC Finance Club

image-31 Jul 2017 - 2:44pm

Contact information:
President: Giovanni Cresta - - 345 9099996
Secretary: Valerio Durazzo -

The LFC Finance Club is a student-run organization that acts as a tool for information and support to all students interested in pursuing a career in finance and related fields. We aim to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds by organizing several range of events every term. These range of events, such as insightful and specific lectures, high-profile speaker events, workshops and business competitions, provides an invaluable service to any of our members.

Throughout years of constant growth, LFC has collaborated with top-ranking organizations, investments banks, consulting firms and other cutting-edge companies operating in finance and the fastest growing industries. Thanks to all of this, we can count on the support of a strong working network all over Italy and Europe, as one of the largest societies within the University.

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Limes - Geopolitical Club

image-2 Gen 2018 - 12:26pmRepresentative: Francesco Stati - 3202911058 –

In collaboration with geopolitical journal Limes and its director, Lucio Caracciolo, the association organizes conferences and seminars exclusively for LUISS students on themes related to international politics.

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Lion's Club Universitario Roma Parioli

image-11 Set 2017 - 5:56pmPresident: Valerio Bonocore - 388 9780662
Vice President: Pietro Fontana - 333 8107353

Lions Club International  is a community service organization founded in 1917. To join the club, students must have a good reputation in their community and be invited to join. The association aims to allow volunteers to serve their community, satisfy humanitarian needs and to promote peach and international understandind through the club. The association furthermore promotes a high moral code in the professional sphere, in public office and in private life. On May 15, 207, a group of LUISS students founded the first university-level Lion's Club.


MOPI - Marketing e Organizzazione delle Professioni

image-25 Lug 2016 - 4:23pmPresident: Angelino Molinaro - 340 8724187 -

MOPI is an association that brings together people from the world of marketing, communication and organization on both the international and national levels. MOPI was established to build a system of relationships to promote the sharing of experience and information between heads of marketing and organization as well as spreading and maintaining the spirit of collaboration and solidarity between its members. MOPI furthermore aims to contribute to education and professional development of its members through national and international initiatives.


O.L.T.R.E. - Organizzazione LIBERA Testimonianze, Racconti ed Esperienze

image-5 Dic 2016 - 5:24pmContact information:
President: Ludovica Tripodi -340 9911637
Vice President: Federico Campanella - 320 9147783
Vice President: Matteo Trabucco - 347 6718689

O.L.T.R.E. is a volunteer association inspired by the founding values of Libera, associations, names and numbers against mafias. The association aims to spread the cultures of anti-mafia, legality, and justice within the university world. The association organizes cultural events, debates and conferences, involving those who have dedicated their lives to the fight against organized crime. 

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PapangoContact information:
Representative: Benedetta Caporusso - 340 6507943 -

Inspired by the founder’s volunteer experience in Tanzanian orphanage run by the Ursuline Sisters, today Papango works to improve the quality of life for those in need by providing support in rural areas of developing countries. The association provides material support to educational and health services, which respecting the traditions of the communities they work with.


REC - Residenze e collegi

image-24 Giu 2015 - 5:35pmContact information:
Representative: Edoardo Zeppilli - 334 7035499 -

REC supports students during the housing application process and promotes activities organized by LUISS Guido Carli residences. They work to involve students from outside the residences to introduce them to the world of student housing.


Rethinking Economics

Rethinking EconomicsContact information: 
Representative: Gianfranco Portaluri - 338 9827165 - -

Rethinking Economics is a student association that works to change the way economics is taught, making it more open to different approaches and methodologies. Their goal is to promote more interaction between economics, history, political science and ethics. Rethinking Economics Italia runs a blog  and furthermore participates in the annual international conference held by the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics (ISIPE).


Rotaract Club degli studenti dell'Università L.G.C.

Rotaract logoSponsored by the Rotary Club Pomezia Lavinium e Roma Ovest
Contact information:
Representative: Giovanni Cola - 338 9403787
Representative: Gennaro Piedepalumbo - 333 2362896

Rotaract is an association promoted by Rotary International, dedicated to men and women between the ages 18 and 30, offering them the opportunity to learn and grow by providing material and social support to their communities.
The club’s objectives are:

  • to develop professional and leadership skills
  • to improve relationships between different cultures through friendship and service
  • to promote respect for rights, recognizing the value of each individual
  • to recognize human dignity and the value of those who serve society


President: Davide Di Giuseppe -

The Sider Association is an apolitical group that organizes events and activities regarding the economic and legal fields. The group also aims to connect students to the job market through conferences, seminars and projects to cover all of the university's departments.


image-31 Lug 2017 - 3:15pmPresident: Francesco Varaldo - 333 6801495

Simmachia is a non-profit student association without ideological convictions. The group wwas established to encourage efficient cooperation between schools and universities to improve the quality of life within them and the services they offer.

SFL Roma - Students for Liberty

SFL RomaContact information:
Representative: Cristiano Gatti - 338 5069366 -
Representative: Lorenzo Scala - 346 7367210 -

SFL Roma is a part of a global network of 1369 student groups on five different continents. The organization was established in 2008 by a group of American students to create a network of student organizations to defend individuals’ economic, social, intellectual and academic liberties against all external conditions. The apolitical network is run entirely by students and regularly organizes conferences, events, opinion campaigns and more. The association offers students the chance to have an international experience in preparation for becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Studenti Democratici

image-13 Apr 2015 - 4:32pm

Contact information:
President: Cristiana Di Tommaso - 329 4388258 - 

SD is an association guided by the values of democracy, solidarity, legality and memory. The group fights to open the university to discussions on our times and new rights and to maintain political and social sensitivity while dealing with innovation, changes and discussion. The club organizes debates, cultural initiatives and awareness campaigns about socio-political questions and current events.


 Students for the United States of Europe

image-1 Dic 2017 - 5:02pm

President: Alfredo Marini - 347 3771011 -

Students for the United States of Europe is a non-political student association inspired by European socio-cultural values and the European federalism project.

The association organizes students conferences and debates on social, political and economic issues affecting our continent with speakers from the academic and political spheres.

Universitari solidali della Comunità di S. Egidio

image-12 Gen 2015 - 12:56pmPresident: Marco Pacini - 333 8125408 -
Representative:  Guglielmo Tozzi - 329 0481487 - 

The association is comprised of LUISS students and graduates that are active within the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, working on their primary community service project, feeding the homeless.  The association also organizes fundraising events, exhibits and testimonials from around the world.

University FinanceLAB

image-3 Ago 2015 - 9:56amPresident: Elisabetta Lizzi - 334 1557177 -
Representative: Valerio Pellegrino - 338 7353914 -
Representative: Andrea Marchesani - 339 2254253 -

University FinanceLAB works to create networking opportunities and diffuse information regarding financing careers among LUISS students and graduates interested in fields such as investment banking, equity research and asset management. UFL is open to all students that want to contribute to the project and organize events.