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Luiss Guido Carli


The new team of LUISS Vice Rectors

Professors Pessi, Schivardi, Fiori and Di Giorgio nominated for 2018-2020 with Marchetti as delegate for internationalization

Prorettori LUISS 2018

The LUISS Board of Directors has appointed the new team of Vice Rectors, nominated by Rector Andrea Prencipe for 2018-2020.

Professor Giovanni Fiori, instructor of Business Administration, was nominated for Corporate Relations; Professor Giorgio Di Giorgio, instructor of Monetary Theory and Policy, for Organization and Faculty, and Professor Fabiano Schivardi, instructor of Economics, to Research.

Maintaining his role as Vice Rector of Teaching is Professor Roberto Pessi, instructor of Labor Law with the Department of Law, who has held the position since 2011. Furthermore, the Rector nominated Professor Raffaele Marchetti, Senior Researcher in International Relations for the Department of Political Science, to manage operational aspects of internationalization.

The new roles were created to mirror the University's dedication to:

  • strengthening activities to support hard and soft skills as well as encouraging broad and multidisciplinary education
  • collaborating and integrating with companies and institutions while designing courses of studies
  • offering education that is up to date with the labor market to help students join the workforce
  • an intercultural atmosphere supported by the increasing number of courses and programs in English

"LUISS University is working to further its international development and to improve its position in worldwide academic rankings. Our goal is ambitious, this is why I have selected a high-profile team, with hopes that the University can quickly move in the right direction, guaranteeing change within our continuity," declares LUISS Rector Andrea Prencipe.