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Luiss Guido Carli


The University of Glasgow awards Vice President Severino a Laurea Honoris Causa

The two universities have signed a memorandum of understanding to consolidate cultural connections


The University of Glasgow has conferred an honorary Doctor of Laws to LUISS Vice President Paola Severino. The award recognized Professor Severino's extraordinary success in the academic, professional and institutional spheres during her term as Minister of Justice, as highlighted by Sir Anthony Muscatelli, principal of the Scottish university.

Vice President Severino has underlined the importance of the "cultural connections that tie Italy to the Anglo-Saxon world, that demonstrate how much British universities appreciate our University."

"LUISS students can do a lot to reinforce international policy and to be a bright example of Italy in Europe and in the world," she continued. "Sir Anton Muscatelli himself is an example of an Italian who is proud of his roots and of the success he has had abroad. As the principal of such a prestigious university and as a consultant to the Scottish prime minister who works to keep Scotland and Europe close despite Brexit, he has demonstrated that the values of our culture can be shared and recognized outside of Italy."

Professor Severino, recently nominated Vice President of LUISS to future the University's international relations, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the relationship between LUISS and the University of Glasgow.

The agreement follows the signing of a memorandum with Renmin University of China in Beijing and the University's additional 200 partnerships in 44 countries, including 20 Double Degrees and structured partnerships for LUISS students from the four Departments of Economics and Finance, Business and Management, Law and Political Science.