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Legality to revamp the Italian economy

Paola Severino and Raffaele Cantone presented the first master's program in compliance and corruption

Severino Cantone Master LUISS

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, LUISS and ANAC, the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority, presented the master’s program in Compliance and Corruption Prevention in the Public and Private Sectors.

The graduate course, officially launching in December 2017, aims to provide participants with the instruments necessary to fight and prevent illegal dealings in both the public and private sectors. Illustrating the course contents were LUISS Rector Paola Severino and ANAC President Raffaele Cantone, co-directors of the program, who, alongside experts and members of ANAC, offer their skills to shape professionals to fight corruption and crime in public administration, the business world and financial institutions.

The master was designed for entrepreneurs, employees of the banking and finance sectors, administrators of companies, lawyers, accountants, and members of the civil service. The program is also open to graduates of master’s programs in Economics, Political Science and Law who are interested in furthering their knowledge in legal measures to prevent and fight, in addition to corruption, all forms of money laundering and false accounting.

During the course, particular attention will be paid to case studies including EXPO Milano and San Raffaele as well as organized crime in Rome’s Mafia Capitale scandal. Corruption continues to undermine growth in Italy. In 2016, unlawful contract tendering had an estimated cost of €3.4 billion, while €5.4 billion in losses can be attributed to waste and criminal use of public funds (Guardia di Finanza 2016).

Rector Paola Severino declares, “To make the fight against corruption and all forms of illegality even more efficient, we need a new category of legal experts and professionals that are highly trained. To respond to these challenges as well as that of the changing economy in need of clear rules and increased certainties, LUISS and ANAC designed a highly specialized master’s program that builds a base for a more efficient and shared fight against corruption.”

President Raffaele Cantone adds, “Fundamental to bulwarking crime is an understanding of anticorruption law in both the public and private sectors. All too often however, rules are dictated from above without an adequate preparation for those who are called upon to put them in place. So it is exactly for this problem that ANAC is working with universities to provide the necessary skills, convinced of the irreplaceable role of education.”

Registration for the program is open until November 20, 2017.

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