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ASD LUISS and Intesa Sanpaolo join forces for sport

A new agreement to offer scholarships to student-athletes


On Wednesday, May 31, ASD LUISS signed an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) and Arena Water Instinct to create scholarships for swimmers through the LUISS Sport Academy project.

ASD LUISS President Luigi Abete and Intesa Sanpaolo Head of Territorial Banking Stefano Barrese signed an agreement to create two full scholarships for LUISS bachelor’s programs in 2017-2018.

“The collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo is an important contribution to the development of our swimming program, accelerating the evolution of ASD LUISS into a multi-sport program, where swimming can coexist with our twenty years of experience in Serie B basketball, the promotion of our soccer team to Promozione and the hard work of all of our other teams,” declares Luigi Abete.

“LUISS Sport Academy,” underlines Stefano Barrese, “is an example of the type of cultural and athletic activities that the bank believes in. We aspire to support and promote the loyalty, passion, hard work and respect that sport embodies; they are values that bring people together and can contribute to collective growth, Intesa Sanpaolo has long been attentive to the world of young people, a true resource for the future of the country.”

FIN President Paolo Barelli: "Among several other initiatives the Italian Swimming Federation is developing for its members, we have stipulated a memorandum of understanding with LUISS University and LUISS Sport Academy, the sole project in Italy that promotes student-athletes through scholarships.” 

Guests also included LUISS Vice Rector of Teaching Roberto Pessi and athletes from the ASD LUISS swimming team. Technical partner of the initiative was Arena Water Instinct, demonstrating once more great attention for initiatives that bring swimming and academics together.

“Today, we are particularly pleased to be able to collaborate with one of the most prestigious universities in the country, the Italian Swimming Federation and Intesa Sanpaolo on a project that is a clear, long-term investment in the future for all players involved,” declares Arena CEO Giuseppe Musciacchio.

The event was moderated by sports journalist Michele Plastino.

Starting this year, LUISS Sport Academy offers student-athletes the possibility to reconcile high-level academics and sport through athletic scholarships.  Today ASD LUISS is home to over 11 different teams, from soccer to volleyball, cycling to swimming. Scholarships for athletic merit are awarded to members of athletics, swimming, bridge, basketball, rowing, fencing, equestrian, skiing, golf and tennis. There is currently a total of 27 scholarships, 15 of which are dedicated to the basketball team, the first involved in the project.