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LUISS Guido Carli


A new logo to celebrate 40 years of LUISS University

LUISS marks its first 40 years reflecting on both its past and future

logo LUISS 40 news

Over four decades, LUISS has succeeded in building an extraordinary path in demonstration of its values including a close attention to social and cultural changes as well as the needs of the labor market. This work had led the university to be considered among the most prestigious centers of higher education both in Italy and around the world. 

Following in this tradition, the fortieth anniversary cannot be a simple celebration of the what has been done so far; instead it marks a new beginning. An idea of the future that is faithful to the university’s values to continue on its path. Even our logo celebrates this fresh start, presenting a new version of itself.

The icon will be topped – for the entire duration of the celebration – by a series of arcs, recalling the classic laurel wreath, that embrace the number 40

The goal is to share the significance of these celebrations, widening the breadth of the message, to students and professors, staff and international institutions, businesses and partner universities.