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An Italian professional with the US Navy

After a LUISS master’s program, Vincent Paul Tizzano is an HR specialist in the US Navy

Vincent Paul Tizzano LUISS School of Law

Vincent Paul Tizzano attended the LUISS master’s program in Legal Advisor & HR Management in 2012-2013, and is now the Head of Union Relations for Italian Staff at the US Navy base in Naples. 

“I began my  career with the U.S. Navy nearly 10 years ago. At the time, I was finishing my apprenticeship when I got the opportunity to cover a five-month maternity leave. It was the perfect chance to get concrete work experience to add to my rèsumè, after which I was supposed to go back and complete apprenticeship. However, things went a bit differently and I ended up staying with the Navy, passing the bar on my first try.”

The master’s program at the LUISS School of Law was an important part of his education, giving him the instruments necessary to take on more responsibility within the organization. “The program directed by Professor Roberto Pessi perfectly combined the academic side of labor law and human resources with practical lessons and seminars with experienced professionals. Particularly interesting were the sessions with human resources directors from multinational organizations. The value that a LUISS master brings is the quality of education. Nobody doubts the experience of the professors and their teaching abilities. Studying here truly strengthens your rèsumè.”

Working in human resources requires deep and versatile skills. “A lot depends on the type of business, the functions and level of responsibility covered by the HR office. Customer service is essential. It is fundamental to understand both our internal and external clients’ needs and adapt processes and operating standards to satisfy shared interests. In addition to a deep understanding of HR, it is important to have strong moral integrity to handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This combination of knowledge and integrity allow you to build credibility over time. Those who lack credibility don’t go very far in a competitive market.”

“Additional skills are team building, problem solving and leveraging diversity,” explains Tizzano. “In the HR world, it is important to have or develop resilience, while various soft skills become more critical as you climb the ladder and reach high positions.”

Tizzano’s professional evolution occurred primarily within the US Navy. “I have worked in various divisions within HR including benefits and allowances, and workplace incidents for American civil servants. I then worked in the recruitment division for seven years as an HR assistant before being promoted to HR specialist. I currently work in Labor & Employee Relations where I am in charge of interacting with unions and employment conditions for Italian civil personnel on American bases in Italy, focusing on the US Navy base in Naples. Furthermore, I ensure correct interpretation of collective contracts and act as an advisor to management on disciplinary actions for local employees.”

Regarding Tizzano’s experience, Professor of Labor Law, and member of the program’s research board, Raffaele Fabozzi says: “Vincent is one of the program’s success stories. The course is characterized by high-level training, both theoretic and practical, accompanied by sessions with high profile managers. For precisely this reason, the course’s organization requires a lot of time and energy, yet results like those achieved by Vincent are a clear validation of his dedication.”

“It’s an honor, as an Italian citizen, to have been chosen for this role in an important American institution,” concludes Tizzano. “In addition to skills gained throughout my academic and professional careers, understanding of foreign languages and IT are arrows you need in your quiver to be competitive on the job market. You also have to be the right person in the right place at the right time, but you also have to be ready when they find you.”