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Social responsibility as a business value

LUISS graduate Giulia Cipolloni receives special mention for her master's thesis from the XIII Premio Socialis

Story Giulia Cipolloni LUISS

“LUISS has given me a studying and working method. For five years, professors taught me how to find the right methodology and  to analyze essential elements of arguments with patience, tact and proficiency.”

After completing a master’s program in Economics and Business Management last July, Giulia Cipolloni received special mention from the Premio Socialis, recognizing the best theses on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

The Research Board cited her originality, the quality of her research and her accurate description of the state-of-the-art topic. “I developed an interest in social responsibility in the business world while reading about the life of Adriano Olivetti,” says Giulia. “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means making the needs of the community and environment in which a company operates coherent and compatible with its goals. For a corporation, this means paying attention to everything that surrounds it: respecting the environment, providing security and comfort in the workplace, and maintaining an efficient and responsible interaction with others in the market.”

Partially published in Andaf Magazine, aimed at corporate and finance directors, Giulia’s work focuses on recent developments in credit unions. “Of the several trajectories on CSR development, I tried to offer original views on the banking system and to elaborate on an original intermediary model like credit unions, that are currently facing a systematic restructuring project imposed by the government and sector authorities. The task of CCBs is to translate reciprocal interests into concrete experiences, as activities with various subjects (clients, businesses, families, associations, etc) have demonstrated. Banking activity has shown commitment to both economic and ethical rationality, putting people and human development at the center of every economic decision.”

Giulia Cipolloni Premio Socialis

Her research results confirm that responding to economic, environmental and social expectations of stakeholders is a competitive advantage. “Working with a sense of involvement, openness and empathy is a fundamental principle of a company’s strategic vision as well as a way to favor competition and use it to vehicle economic, cultural and social development.” 

A few months after graduation, Giulia is facing her future, fully aware that she has to give it her all. “I still have a lot to learn, but I confess that curiosity and enthusiasm are a formidable base to take on the difficulties of the job market. Complexity doesn’t leave room for indifference: it involves us, stimulates us, sometimes it even frightens us, but that is precisely what it should do.”

Her goal is to continue her studies with a master’s or specialization course, without overlooking professional experience. “To stop depending on my family who has already done so much for me, I took an internship with a digital marketing company. My dream, however, is to continue my studies and research while still gaining work experience. I am aware of the difficulties along this (double) path and what I have to give up, but I know that to reach your dreams, you have to travel a tortuous road. I’m still at the bottom of the mountain and I have a long way before I reach the top, but the best is yet to come and I’m determined to keep climbing to see what awaits me.”