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Cultivating the land to become more cultivated ourselves: the LUISS green challenge

Wednesday, November 26, 2014, will be a day dedicated to the future of the environment with the No Waste Prize and the inauguration of the  LUISS garden

Healthy, stable growth combined with real social progress will only come if we pay attention to what is around us. Starting this year, there are two ways to do this at LUISS: to celebrate our capacity to avoid waste, that is, taking only what is necessary from the environment, and to get back in touch with the land and with nature.

Orto studenti

Starting at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 26 at the LUISS campus at Viale Romania 32, the No Waste Prize will be awarded, the first important event on a day dedicated to the future of the environment and the development of a new circular economy model. This concept was recently named a top priority by the European Commission, which has adopted expansive measures and has estimated that over 580,000 new jobs will be created in this sector.

According to estimates by McKinsey, every day between 60 and 80% of resources are wasted at the end of extraction-production-consumption-waste cycle of products. Thanks to new circular economy models, over 700 billion dollars a year could be saved in the market for consumer goods. In Italy alone, 10 billion Euro could be saved in food that is currently being wasted.

Giovanni Lo Storto, General Manager of LUISS, Filippo Tortoriello, CEO and President of GALA S.p.A, which is the official partner of the initiative, Antonio Galdo, journalist, writer and President of the award and Antonio Spadaro, Director of Civiltà Cattolica and the winner of the “Individuals” category of the No Waste Prize will attend this event.


The No Waste Prize, created and designed to promote projects and best practices to combat waste, is divided into four sections (Individuals, Companies, Institutions and Associations, Schools) and is aimed at different segments of civil society that have realized original and innovative anti-waste initiatives. This year, for the first time, there will also be a “Young People” category, aimed at start-ups or social initiatives created by people under 30. All winners will be awarded the prize by Filippo Tortoriello of GALA S.p.A with a quantity of organic products equal to their body weight, offered by the Alce Nero Group.

The day will continue with the inauguration of the LUISS garden at 12:00 p.m., a green space that was converted for use as an ad hoc area for planting and cultivating. Teaching students teamwork, responsibility, sustainability and hard work, the project was conceived as a way of rounding out their education, part of the overlap between different worlds and experiences that lies at the center of the university’s programs.

As explained by the General Manager, Giovanni Lo Storto: "Systemic sustainability is a complex and fascinating social challenge. It requires slow and deliberate reflection, but also dynamism and creativity. Vision and sharing, a multi-disciplinary approach, and broader involvement. We want to convey all of this to our students with an educational workshop such as this garden, which is capable of catalyzing ideas and energy to help them become generators of a virtuous change."

After the tape-cutting by the General Manager, there will be a visit to the garden, the presentation of the project and planting. Also taking part in the inauguration will be the Executive Vice President of LUISS, Luigi Serra, and a number of guests, such as chef Peppe Zullo, the garden’s symbolic "godfather", who was chosen to represent Apulian cooking at Expo 2015, and the radio personalities Fede & Tinto from Radio2.

Following this, there will be an outdoor tasting of seasonal products and aromatic plants given as gifts to those who attend.