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LUISS Guido Carli


Pre-departure checklist

What you should bring with you to LUISS

  • Your acceptance letter
  • Your provisional program of study or learning agreement
  • An insurance policy (translated in Italian) covering medical care and third party liability, valid on the national territory for your period of stay in Italy
  • A sufficient amount of currency or traveler's checks to cover immediate expenses
  • Your personal identification documents
  • Your visa, if required

We also advise you to bring

  • A copy of all documents received from LUISS
  • A small dictionary (home language / Italian)
  • A guide to Rome in your home language
  • A few passport-size photographs
  • Some photos of family and friends
  • A few books and your favorite music
  • An electricity adaptor
  • Your laptop (do not pack the computer with your luggage)
  • We advise you to make copies of all important documents such as your passport, visa, plane ticket, credit or debit card information. Leave copies at home with your family and carry a set with you in a separate place from the originals

Mandatory arrival dates

Please make your travelling arrangements according to the following mandatory arrival dates:

  • 6 September 2018 - For the first/Fall semester
  • 7 February 2019 - For the second/Spring semester
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