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LUISS Guido Carli


Courses in English for Erasmus and Exchange students

At LUISS the main languages of instruction are Italian and English.

Erasmus and exchange students are allowed to attend the courses in English offered in the following programs, according to their academic background and English language proficiency:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business
  • Bachelor’s degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics
  • Master's degree in Corporate Finance
  • Master’s degree in Management
  • Master's degree in Market Relationship & Customer Enagement
  • Master’s degree major in Economics
  • Master’s degree major in Finance
  • Master’s degree major in European Studies
  • Master’s degree major in Global Studies
  • Master’s degree major in Public Policies
  • Master's degree major in Marketing Analytics and Metrics
  • Master's degree major in EU Law and Regulation
  • The courses in English offered by the Department of Law

Incoming exchange students will be given access to all the courses in the LUISS Departments of Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science and Law, at the bachelor's and/or master's level.

Master's degree courses are at an advanced level and students should have the required background and very good language skills.

Optional courses will be offered only if a sufficient number of students register for the courses. Because not all courses will be offered, it is recommended that you enroll in more than one.

Courses in the following programs are not open to Erasmus and exchange students:

  • School of Government programs
  • School of European Political Economy programs
  • All one year master's programs
  • School of Journalism programs
  • Post-graduate and PhD courses
  • LUISS Business School and MBA programs 
  • School of Law programs

The final list of courses and the class schedule will only be available upon arrival at LUISS.

List of courses open to exchange students 2016-2017802.28 KB
List of courses in English 2016-2017458.15 KB
Provisional list of courses open to exchange students 2017-2018864.67 KB