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Double Degree in International Relations with CFAU

The Double Degree LUISS - CFAU is a challenging two-year program taught entirely in English and aimed at students currently enrolled in the final year of the bachelor’s program or graduates who intend to enroll in the LUISS master’s program in International Relations, all majors.

Students who complete the program will earn a Master’s degree in International Relations issued by LUISS University and a Chinese master’s degree (shuo-shi-xue-wei) in International Relations issued by CFAU.

image-8 Set 2015 - 11:20amThe program is structured as follows:

  • the first year is carried out at LUISS (Rome)
  • the second year is carried out at CFAU (Beijing)

image-2 Apr 2015 - 4:47pm

Students selected for the Double Degree will be registered at LUISS during their time at CFAU and will continue to pay tuition fees at LUISS. Students will be exempted from paying tuition at CFAU.

In order to earn a Double Degree, students will have to be in compliance with both their home and host universities' rules and conditions with regard to credits, attendance, deadlines etc.

Available slots

Every year 5 students will take part in the program. 



image-2 Jul 2013 - 10:47am

Details regarding the prerequisites for participation, the application procedure, the selection process, deadlines, and further information, will be contained in the call for applications.

Call for applications 2017

LUISS Call for Applications: Timing

Deadline to applyEnd of April 2018 (TBC)
Selection interviewTBC
Selection resultsTBC
Confirmation of participationWithin one working day

While every effort will be made to provide students with complete, accurate and timely information, LUISS reserves the right to change, amend, modify or revoke the aforementioned program.

LUISS is not responsible for any cancellation or modification due to events beyond its control. If the program is cancelled or modified for these reasons, LUISS will inform all interested students in a timely manner.