Bonus points added to degrees

Based on the Academic Senate’s decision in the November 24, 2010 session, the following rules will be applied with regard to bonus points added to degrees

  • a bonus of 1 point for students who have participated in the Erasmus program or other types of international programs sponsored by LUISS Guido Carli (for example, the Double Degrees with Fudan University and NOVA University, the Partnership Program with Utrecht, etc.) and have taken and earned credits for at least one official exam graded on a scale of 30 within the scope of the program;
  • a bonus of one point for those who graduate within the prescribed timeframe;
  • grades received in a maximum of 2 elective courses, which must be chosen from the department-authorized list, will be counted (irrespective of the grades earned) in the weighted grade point average, which is expressed using a scale of 30. The other types of elective courses, for example, those taken in Erasmus programs or which are not on the department-authorized list, will not be counted in the grade point average.  

The rules indicated above are valid for:

  • students registered in bachelor’s degree programs, who enrolled starting in 2009/2010;
  • students registered in master’s degree programs, who enrolled starting in 2010/2011;
  • students registered in single-cycle master’s degree programs in Law, who enrolled starting in 2008/2009.
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