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LUISS Guido Carli


Admissions for international students

Students who live abroad and will earn their diplomas abroad, who wish to register for undergraduate programs can apply to LUISS Guido Carli following a different procedure than that of the admission test administered in Italy.

Degree programs held in Italian Italiano Degree programs held in English English
Economia e Management Economics and Business
Scienze Politiche Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Admission procedure and criteria

To apply, students need to complete the application form between December 16, 2016 and May 29, 2017. At the same time, they must send the following documentation by mail to LUISS Guido Carli – Student Office, Viale Romania, 32, 00197 Rome:

  • a certificate authenticating the results of the SAT Reasoning Test (Scholastic Assessment Test) in each of the three sections:
    • Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing

For information on this test please consult the College Board website

  • The certificate authenticating the courses taken (second-to-last year of secondary school) and related grades
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a cover letter
  • a reference letter

Solely non-EU students interested in degree programs held in Italian will be required to self-certify knowledge of the Italian language, to be demonstrated after admission by exhibiting suitable certificates.

The requested material must be sent in advance to, attaching scans of each document to the email.

Only applications accompanied by all documentation and received by May 29, 2017 will be considered.

A special examination board will evaluate the material sent by each individual candidate and will establish rankings based on SAT scores, academic background, and the motivations and age of the candidate.

Candidates will be conditionally admitted. They will be fully admitted only after the diploma has been conferred and the original, translated, authenticated documentation, accompanied by the declaration of equivalent value is received by the Student Office. For non-EU citizens, a certification of the student's personal identity (an authenticated photo) is also required.

Students admitted will be notified via email in June and they will enroll by July 25, 2017.

Please note that, in accordance with MIUR regulations, diplomas conferred abroad only allow access to Italian universities if:

  • they have been conferred by official schools in that country's educational system
  • they entitle the student to enroll in universities in the country in which they were conferred
  • they have been conferred after a minimum of twelve years of schooling overall (primary and secondary education). 

In the case of qualifications awarded abroad as part of a mobility program, solely those obtained after a minimum period of mobility of two years will be considered and examined.

Furthermore, to meet admission requirements students holding a US high school diploma must also either:

  • have successfully completed two years of college/university education (and be admitted to the third year)
  • have successfully completed one year of college education (and be admitted to the second year) and have passed at least 4 Advanced Placement examinations (APs)
  • have passed at least three US Advanced Placements examinations (APs) with a score of between 3 and 5, in subjects relating to the university program applied for and one of which must necessarily have been passed in Italian if required by the rules
  • have been awarded the Italian school leaving qualification
  • hold a diploma declared equivalent to the Italian school leaving qualification

To meet admission requirements students holding British GCEs must have obtained 6 passes in different subjects, at least 3 of which must be A levels.

For any information regarding one’s qualifications and how to obtain a visa/study permit, it is advisable to timely read the “Rules for University Enrolment by Foreign Students” (norme per l’accesso degli studenti stranieri ai corsi universitari) and to contact the local Italian diplomatic authorities in the country whose school system awards the qualification, also in order to comply with the administrative procedures for the issuance of the required documentation.

Candidates can contact CIMEA for an assessment of their qualifications.