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LUISS Guido Carli


Admissions for international students

Students living abroad who will obtain their school leaving qualification there and students who will obtain a foreign school leaving qualification in Italy wishing to register for undergraduate programs may submit their application to LUISS Guido Carli in accordance with the procedure set out below.

Degree programs held in Italian Italiano Degree programs held in English English
Economia e Management Management and Computer Science
Economics and Business
Scienze Politiche Scienze Politiche - Politics Philosophy and Economics

Admission procedure and criteria

The selection process will be held between mid October 2017 and the end of July 2018, split into the following rounds:

27 October 2017 31 October 2017 7 November 2017 15 December 2017
ROUND 2 30 November 2017 15 December 2017 11 January 2018 15 February 2018
ROUND 3 11 January 2018 31 January 2018 15 February 2018 15 March 2018
ROUND 4 2 February 2018 28 February 2018 15 March 2018 15 May 2018
ROUND 5 30 March 2018 17 April 2018 15 May 2018 15 June 2018
ROUND 6 30 April 2018 15 May 2018 5 June 2018 3 July 2018
ROUND 7 31 May 2018 15 June 2018 3 July 2018 25 July 2018

To participate in the selection process it is necessary to fill out a specific application form online by the relevant deadline indicated in column 1 – Deadline for Submission of Application. After having filled out the form the student will receive an e-mail containing a link to the platform dedicated to the uploading of the required documents.

It will be necessary to upload:

  • a certificate showing the result of the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT Test;

For more information it is advisable to visit the or websites.

  • a certificate showing the studies completed to date (penultimate year of secondary school) and associated grades (Grade Point Average);
    • a curriculum vitae;
    • a cover letter;
    • a letter of reference from a teacher (written in English).

Candidates must be willing to be interviewed if required by the admissions commission.

Non-EU students applying for degree programs taught in Italian will be required to prove their knowledge of the Italian language through appropriate certificate.

Only applications accompanied by all of the required documentation received by the deadline for the round in question will be considered.


The Student Office will screen the applications received, informing each student whether their own candidacy is in order as regards the required documentation by the relevant deadline indicated in column 2 – Assessment of Admissibility of Candidacy.

Subsequently, the candidacies that pass the initial screening as to their admissibility will be examined by a special admissions commission, which will evaluate the documentation sent by every single candidate and will draw up a ranking based on SAT/ACT scores, an assessment of the school record, reasons for applying and the age of the candidate. In this stage candidates could well be contacted for an oral interview, in person or by Skype, with the admissions commission.

Based on the ranking students will be informed of the final outcome to their application – positive or negative as the case may be – for admission to their chosen degree program by the deadline indicated in column 3 – Communication of Outcome of Application. The highest ranked students may also be offered a scholarship by the University.

Successful candidates will then be asked to enroll by the relevant deadline indicated in column 4 - Enrollment.

Candidates will be conditionally admitted at first, and thereafter fully admitted solely upon receipt by the Student Office of the original documentation, the statement of equivalent value and, for non-EU citizens, certification regarding the personal identity of the student (authenticated photograph) and an Italian permit of stay to be sought from the competent authorities within 8 working days after arriving in Italy.

Students who are admitted will receive confirmation to that effect by e-mail by the deadline for the relevant round together with the forms necessary for their enrollment, which must be done by the relevant deadline specified above.

It should be borne in mind that pursuant to Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) regulations, qualifications awarded abroad grant access to an Italian university only if they:

  • have been awarded by official schools in that country’s education system;
  • entitle the student to enroll in universities of the country that awarded them;
  • have been awarded on completion of a minimum of 12 years of overall schooling (primary and secondary education).

In the case of qualifications awarded abroad as part of a mobility program, solely those obtained after a minimum period of mobility of two years will be considered and examined.

Furthermore, to meet admission requirements students holding a US High School Diploma must also either:

  • have successfully completed two years of college/university education (and be admitted to the third year);
  • have successfully completed one year of college education (and be admitted to the second year) and have passed at least 4 US Advanced Placement examinations (APs);
  • have passed at least three US Advanced Placements examinations (APs) with a score of between 3 and 5, in subjects relating to the university program applied for and one of which must necessarily have been passed in Italian if required by the rules;
  • have been awarded the Italian school leaving qualification; or
  • hold a diploma declared equivalent to the Italian school leaving qualification.

To meet admission requirements students holding British GCEs must have obtained 6 passes in different subjects, at least 3 of which must be A levels.

For any information regarding one’s qualifications and how to obtain a visa/study permit, it is advisable to timely read the “Rules for University Enrolment by Foreign Students” (norme per l’accesso degli studenti stranieri ai corsi universitari) and to contact the local Italian diplomatic authorities in the country whose school system awards the qualification, also in order to comply with the administrative procedures for the issuance of the required documentation.

Candidates can contact CIMEA for an advance assessment of their qualifications.

For the 2018/2019 academic year the amount of the single tuition fee for all 3-year bachelor’s degree and single-cycle master’s degree programs is 10,300 euros payable in three installments (due payment dates: 1st installment – indicated in column 4 - Enrollment; 2nd installment – 29 November 2018; 3rd installment 29 March 2019).

For the 2018-2019 academic year LUISS is offering scholarships to cover full tuition fees for the first year to students who enroll in the first year of bachelor’s degree programs in Economics and Business, Management and Computer Science and Politics Philosophy and Economics.