Undergraduate admissions

Admission test for the 2014/2015 academic year

LUISS Guido Carli selects its students carefully so that it can offer them efficient, effective services and optimal conditions to further their studies, thus ensuring their personal and professional growth. Students are at the heart of our University and each of them is given individual, professional attention.


Going to LUISS means interacting with highly qualified lecturers from all over the world, who come from the business world as well as the academic world. It means being able to choose from several modern, diversified academic programs offered in Italian or English, which are supplemented by additional educational activities that will prepare you for the world of work. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to spend time studying and doing internships abroad, thanks to the Placement Office which, relying on its solid network of relationships with companies, supports students until they find a job.

For the 2014/2015 academic year, there are two selection sessions:

Test date



Online registration

March 27, 2014

Hotel Ergife, Rome 

and other locations in Italy

3:00 p.m.

from October 15 

until March 24, 2014

September 5, 2014

Hotel Ergife, Rome

10:00 a.m.

from June 10

until September 3, 2014

Registration for bachelor’s degree and single cycle master’s degree programs is subject to receiving a secondary school diploma by July 2014.

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Selection for international students - admission to undergraduate degree programs in English for the 2014/2015 academic year

Students who live abroad and will receive their diplomas there, who are interested in degree programs in English - Economics and Business and Politics, Philosophy and Economics – can take part in a selection process based on SAT scores (Scholastic Assessment Test), on their academic record, and on linguistic and information technology certifications. To take part in this selection process, candidates must fill out the online application between October 30 and May 30, 2014.

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