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Rome survival kit


City of Rome 

The City of Rome has a call center offering information about transport, public office hours, documents, garbage disposal, and more.


  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week


  • M-F 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Telephone number: 06 06 06

Personal safety

In Rome, like in all big cities, you must be aware of pickpockets that usually operate in crowded places such as busses, the metro, markets, etc. They usually choose tourists and foreigners. We warn you not to carry too much cash and to keep your documents in an internal pocket. Apart from that, the city of Rome is considered to be quite safe.

Electricity in Italy

37amElectricity in Italy, as in the rest of Europe, comes out of the wall socket at 220 volts alternating at a 50 cycles per second, therefore if you come from a non-European country you might need a plug adaptor or a converter.

Getting a SIM card for your mobile phone

Several phone companies operate in Italy. The four major providers in Italy are: Vodafone, TIM, Wind and 3. You can go to any cell phone store and ask to see their cell phone/mobile plans. You can decide if you prefer a year-long plan (abbonamento) or a rechargeable card (ricaricabile). You can purchase rechargeable cards from any Tabacchi or newsstand. If you sign up for a plan, make sure you find out how much it costs if you cancel, and how many months notice you must give (if any).

To sign up with one of the operators mentioned above, a passport or ID card and your Italian tax code number are required.

Questions to ask

  • How much does it cost to purchase a SIM card?
  • How much does it cost to call an Italian number?
  • How much does it cost to call your home country?
  • How much does it cost to call/receive calls when outside of Italy?
  • How much does it cost to send a text message (SMS) or a multimedia text message (MMS)?
  • How much do any other services such as Internet access, TV, etc., cost?

To call abroad, we suggest you buy an international phone card.

Lost or stolen mobile phones 

Every mobile phone, GSM modem or device with a built-in phone or modem has a unique 15 digit IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Based on this number, you can get information about the device, such as the brand or model. The SIM card (Subscriber Identification Module), sometimes included in the handset, holds the telephone number assigned to a customer. Access to the SIM card can be protected by personalising the card with a 4 digit PIN number.

The IMEI number provides protection if a phone is lost or stolen. The IMEI code is clearly shown on the paperwork at the time of purchase. Make a note of it and keep it separate from the mobile in case the phone is lost or stolen. If the purchase paperwork is not available, it is possible to find the IMEI number by entering: *#06# on the keypad.

The loss or theft of a mobile cell phone must be reported to the service provider. They will need the IMEI number or details of the SIM card. The service will be suspended and the telephone blocked making it impossible for anyone else to use it, and the phone may be traced. The owner is responsible for payment of any calls made until the SIM is blocked unless they have taken out insurance with the supplier.

If the phone is stolen, a declaration (denuncia) can also be made at the nearest police or Carabinieri station. To do so, you must provide the IMEI number. If the phone is found, remember to report it to the service provider.

How to obtain free WiFi from the Province of Rome 

The Provincia WiFi project offers free WiFi in squares, libraries and meeting places of the city of Rome. By taking the following steps, you will easily obtain a free connection to the internet: 

After having reached one of the Provincia WiFi areas equipped with a laptop, a smartphone, or any other device endowed with a WiFi, first connect by completing the electronic registration form.

Once you have finished, the system will ask you to make a free phone call with the phone number you provided at the time of registration, and after a few rings the line will automatically drop. By doing this, a server will check the validity of the contact and will ask you to choose a password composed of at least 8 characters and a number.

The user ID will be the mobile phone number you provided during the registration. 

After registration, you device will detect the wireless network Provincia WiFi and launch the browser to open the authentication page.

If you have already registered, you simply need to enter your user ID and password to start browsing.

Emergency telephone numbers


Service Phone number
 Police (Carabinieri)  112
 General emergency (Soccorso pubblico di emergenza)  113
 Fire brigade (Vigili del fuoco)  115
 Finance police (Guardia di finanza)  117
 Car assistance  116
 Ambulance / medical services (Emergenza sanitaria)  118
 Forest fire (Incendio boschivo) 1515


Service Phone number
Rome city police (Carabinieri)  06-67691
Central police station Rome(Questura)  06-46861
Highway police (Polizia stradale)  06-22101
Italian Red Cross (Ambulance emergency)  06-5510
First aid at home (Guardia medica)  06-58201030
Blood transfusion (Trasfusioni urgenti)  06-49970860
Poison control (Centro anti-veleno)  06-490663 / 06-3054343
Anti-drug center (Centro anti-droga)  840002244
Veterinary emergency  06-6621686

Additional emergency services

Hospitals in Rome with emergency facilities

Hospital Address Telephone
 Policlinico Umberto I  Viale Del Policlinico 155, 00161   06-491911
 Ospedale Odontoiatrico G. Eastman  Viale Regina Elena 287, 00161  06-844831
 San Giovanni Addolorata  Via Amba Aradam 8, 00184   06-77051
 Ospedale San Giacomo  Via Antonio Canova 29, 00186   06-36266355
 Fatebenefratelli San Giovanni Calibita  Via di Ponte Quattro Capi 39, 00186   06-6837324
 Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù  Piazza Sant'Onofrio 4, 00165   06-68591
 Ospedale Generale Santo Spirito  Lungotevere In Sassia 3, 00193   06-68352241
 Ospedale San Carlo Di Nancy  Via Aurelia 275, 00165   06-39706349
 Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo - Forlanini  Via Portuense 332, 00149   06-58703033
 Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli  Largo Agostino Gemelli 8, 00168  06-30154036
 Ospedale Madre Giuseppina Vannini  Via Acqua Bullicante 4, 00177   06-24291255
 Ospedale Sandro Pertini  Via Dei Monti Tiburtini 385, 00157   06-41431
 Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico Andrea Alesini  Via San Nemesio 21, 00145   06-51001
 Ospedale Generale Di Zona Cristo Re  Via Delle Calasanziane 25, 00167   06-61245218
San Pietro Fatebenefratelli  Via Cassia 600, 00189   06-33582294
Ospedale Sant'Andrea  Via di Grotta Rossa 1037, 00189   06-3377550
Azienda Complesso Ospedaliero San Filippo Neri  Via Martinotti 20, 00135  06-33062688
Ospedale Sant'Eugenio  Piazzale Dell'Umanesimo 10, 00144   06-51002230
Policlinico Casilino  Via Casilina 1049, 00169  06-23188239