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Driving in Italy - EU and non EU students

International students with a driver's license issued by a foreign country can drive all the vehicles they’re qualified for, following these rules:

Driver's license issued by an EU country

If you have a driving license issued by an European Country, you can use it to drive in Italy without the need of a conversion. However,  it’s strongly recommended to ask for a recognition validity, which is very useful in case you need a renewal, a duplicate or in case of loss or theft of your original driving license.

When asking for a recognition validity the owner keeps the original driving license, whereon the Italian Authority of Motor Vehicles places a stamp or a sticker stating its validity and its identification for the national register of citizens with a driving license.

Driving license issued by a non-EU country

Foreign students with a non-EU driving license can circulate in Italy with their own driving license for 12 months. After that, they need to ask for a driving license conversion, which can be done if an agreement on this issue has been reached between Italy and your mother country/ country you live in.

You can check the complete country list of convertible driving license in Italy with the Ministry of Transportation.

If you hold a driver's license which cannot be converted, after 12 months of stay in Italy, you must take the Italian driving test.

Furthermore, non EU citizens who need to register their car or motorcycle in Italy must have a regular permit of stay (or the receipt given by the Police Office) and have residence in Italy.

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