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LUISS Guido Carli


Master in Policies to Fight Corruption and Organized Crime (MACOR)

Second-level master's degree

The master’s program analyzes corruption and organized crime alongside the evolution of Italian and European policies regarding prevention and repression. The program provides students with the ability to analyze corruption and organized crime as well as the legal knowledge and managerial skills necessary to work for an agency that fights against them.

The master’s program is open to:

  • civil servants (particularly those involved in police forces and auditing)
  • employees of anti-mafia and anti-corruption associations
  • managers and entrepreneurs in the private sector
  • accountants, bankers and financiers
  • administrators of businesses and land that has been confiscated from the mafia
  • lawyers
  • holders of master’s degrees seeking employment in the anti-mafia or anti-corruption sector

Directors: Paola Severino, former Minister of Justice, Full Professor of Criminal Law, Rector of LUISS Guido Carli and President of the LUISS School of Law and Antonio La Spina, Full Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, LUISS School of Government.

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