Janus, the ancient Roman god with two faces who guarded doors and symbolized transitions in life, can now help you meet the challenges of the last year of high school: preparing for the state exams and choosing a university faculty. Instead of completed tests and ready-made solutions, you will be provided with preparation exams, extracts from films, documents, lectures, biographies, audio and television materials, advice from sports doctors, psychologists and much more to improve your study habits and expand your cultural horizons.

Janus offers a different learning methodology, an independent, modern one that you can use not just in your academic studies but also in your forthcoming endeavors at university and work. In addition, if you write to “Talk to Janus”, LUISS’s community of professors, researchers and experts will reply to you.

Janus is aimed at all high school students, especially those who are culturally inquisitive, who want to learn, and who aspire to become part of the managerial class in Italy.

Janus Website (in Italian)

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